Surface Pro 3 dead zones on touch screen - only 18 months old

My Surface Pro 3 has dead zones in the touch screen after only 18 months.  I took it to the Microsoft store and they verified it is a hardware problem that would cost $450 to fix.  How is that possible?  What could cause this to happen to my $1,300 device? 

Hi Kimberly,


Thank you for sharing your concern to our community page. We understand that you’re having some issues with your Surface device and with its touch screen and we’re here to help you.


Since this is a hardware problem, we advise that you get in touch with our Global Customer Service to know your option and for you to get an estimation on how much would it cost for you to have your device get repaired.



You can also click here to know if your device is still within warranty. Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns.

Hi Kimberly, 

You are not alone with this problem.  Hundreds, probably thousands of Surface Pro users have experienced the same thing, including me. In my case, the dead zone was the entire left edge of the screen including the Windows icon in the system tray. This made the computer very difficult to use, especially in tablet mode.

The the good news is that fix is easy. Shame on Microsoft for not sharing it with you or any of the others who have experienced this problem. It makes me question the motives or training of those working in MS Support. 

The Surface Pro screens are made by Sony. Sony has developed a simple calibration tool that fixed this problem for me and many others. Please follow this link for instructions.

I love my Surface Pro 3. Microsoft support... not so much. 


You are the best. I had been struggling with issue for months. Until today. calibration tool takes 30 seconds and works like a charm
I am glad that someone has benefited from my agonizing search for a solution. I am still scratching my head as to why Microsoft has not formally published this solution to the masses. It has to be related to power or money. Everything else is.  

Adding my thanks, just fixed the dead spot on my wife's sp3 with the sony tool.


For some reason I didn't see your e-mail until just yesterday (too many e-mails).  I tried your solution and it worked!!!  I wish I had seen this BEFORE I spent another $1,000 buying a new one.  I agree with you - their support is terrible- never would I have thought that it could be fixed based on what the Microsoft store told me. 

I can't thank you enough for sharing this!  Just wish I had seen it sooner.


Omg!!! Thank you so much. You just save me £330. This is what Microsoft told me I had to pay to have my touchscreen fixed. I can't thank you enough for sharing this!!!!


I am happy to report to all reading this that Microsoft allowed me to return the replacement Surface Pro 4 and gave me a full refund.  I am so happy that Bob had this solution, saved me a bundle of money!

Wow! I never expected to hear that. There are some branches of Microsoft that provide excellent service, Windows 10 support for example is terrific. I guess their retail store is the same.

The Windows online help desk, unfortunately is not very useful in most cases. If the solution to a problem is not on agent's simple script sheet, no help is forthcoming. Users who find help from the MS online forums usually get it from another user who has done the legwork that should have been done by Microsoft. This is how I stumbled across the screen calibration solution. 

Oh my god thank you so much Bob.

I've been living with a dead zone on my surface for months, thought id have to pay $$$ to get it fixed and that tool just completely fixed it. You absolute legend.

Microsoft need to swallow some pride and share or copy this fix.




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