Can SP3 (i7-4650U & HD5000 graphics) output 4K UHD @ 60Hz to a single monitor?

I know the i7 version hasn't been released yet but it'd be nice to know so I can decide between a 34" Ultrawide 3440x1440 or a 32" 4K UHD (3840x2160) @ 60Hz monitor.

EDIT 7-21-14: Went to Microcenter & confirmed their demo SP3 (i5-4300U with HD 4400 graphics) works on an LG 34UM95 monitor (3440 x 1440 @ 60Hz).

EDIT 1-15-15: Did some more research & FINALLY found a solution for the SP3 to support 4K UHD @ 60Hz!! Credit goes to Reddit users to confirm 4K MST works on the SP3 (not sure how I missed this link on Google previously, LOL!):

Short version: I can confirm the only 4K UHD @ 60Hz monitor (that I've tried) supported by the SP3 (I7) is the Dell UP3214Q. Enable DisplayPort v1.2 in the monitor's OSD menu. If you want the latest version of the graphics driver then read on. If you don't want to read the rest of this long post then just update to the latest system firmware (1-15-15) because it includes a newer graphics driver although it's not the latest version.

In addition to myself, a few people on Reddit have confirmed this works (see link above). For reasons unknown (not enough testing for these drivers?!?), Microsoft hasn't updated the graphics drivers on the SP3 ever since it's been released (originally came with v3496; dated 3-7-14). I updated it yesterday morning to v3960 (dated 10-3-14) but didn't have time to go to the local computer store (Microcenter) to confirm it works until today. Coincidentally, Intel actually released a newer version the other day (v4080; dated 1-12-15) but wasn't on their website until yesterday afternoon.

After I updated to v4080, I went to Microcenter & brought along my SP3 along with 2 different DisplayPort 1.2 cables (Startech & Cables To Go). Connected it to a Dell UP3214Q monitor & confirmed in 3 different area's (in the OS resolution settings menu, Intel graphics software & Dell monitor's OSD menu) it's running 4K UHD @ 60Hz! Mouse cursor & 4K YouTube video's ran smooth unlike when I tested it a few months ago (running on the original graphics drivers @ the max 30Hz on an Asus 4K UHD @ 60Hz monitor).

A couple of notes:

1) I can only confirm 4K UHD @ 60Hz works on the i7 version of the SP3 since that's what I have. It's been working since v3907 (8-14 timeframe). If you have the i3 or i5 version please confirm if the new graphics drivers supports 4K UHD @ 60Hz so I can update the first post to help others.

2) Microsoft released a new system firmware update today & ironically, they finally included an updated graphics driver (v4029; dated 11-18-14). Since I did the system firmware update after I updated to v4080, the SP3 reverted back to the older v4029 driver so I just re-installed the newer v4080 driver.

3) If you're more comfortable using the older graphics driver Microsoft released today then skip this note & also # 4. Here are links for the latest graphics drivers directly from Intel's website. Even though there are different links for each Intel CPU, they all share the same graphics drivers (as of this posting):

- For the i3-4020Y HD 4200 version:

- For the i5-4300U HD 4400 version:

- For the i7-4650U HD 5000 version:

- Link to confirm these are the proper CPU's:

4) If this is your first time updating to a newer version of the graphics drivers then you have to do it manually (instead of using the .exe method). Make sure you download & extract the zip (compressed) file in one of the links below then (in your desktop) right click anywhere on the background->Click "Screen resolution"->"Advanced settings" (blue fonts)->Under the "Adapter" tab click on "Properties"->"Driver" tab->"Update Driver"->"Browse my computer for driver software"->"Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"->"Have Disk"->"Browse" then wherever you originally extracted the folder->Click on the "Graphics" folder & it should find the only .inf file in that folder. If you've already updated it manually in the past then you can just download the .exe file after that point.

**Update (6/12/15) for step 4: For some reason, it won't let me update to v4222 using the .exe method despite the fact I already have the previous v4170 (maybe because latest MS firmware update included v4170?!?) so had to manually install with the zip file. Will update this post once the next driver version's released directly from Intel.

5) To confirm you have the proper driver, just go in your desktop & right click anywhere on the background->Click "Screen resolution"->"Advanced settings"->Under the "Adapter" tab click on "Properties"->"Driver" tab & it should say which version (last 4-digits) you have for the "Driver Version".

6) No need for an MST hub on the Dell UP3214Q. Just use the included miniDP-to-DP v1.2 cable.

7) I'm planning on buying a 32" Dell UP3214Q (3840x2160 @ 60Hz) if I can't find another comparable 32" 4K monitor anytime soon. FWIW, this specific Dell monitor had the infamous revision A00 (manufactured in 11-13) with all the previous issues (not waking from sleep, etc.) the AMD/Nvidia owners were having. It didn't exhibit any of these issues when I used it at Microcenter.

EDIT: 1-17-15: Went back to MIcrocenter (& Fry's Electronics) to make sure the SP3 (i7) is compatible with other 4K @ 60Hz monitors before I plunk down $1K+ on a new monitor. Here's what I found out:

- Acer B286HK: Supports 4K UHD but only @ 30Hz.

- Asus PB287Q: Supports 4K UHD but only @ 30Hz.

- LG 31MU97: Suports 4K UHD but only @ 30Hz. With this resolution, you'll end up with a 1-inch wide vertical bar on each side of the screen unless you choose the stretch option in the monitor's OSD menu. Won't do the full 4096x2160 despite the fact LG's website stating it'll work with Intel HD 4600+ graphics (Intel i7-4650U has HD 5000 graphics).

- Samsung U28D590D: Supports 2560x1440 @ 60Hz. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to 4K UHD resolution.

- Samsung U32D970Q: Supports 2560x1440 @ 60Hz. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to 4K UHD resolution.

I made sure to turn on DisplayPort v1.2 in the monitor's OSD menu if the option was there. Just to make sure the system firmware update (1-15-15) that was released the other day didn't mess with anything, I also tried the Dell UP3214Q again & it still does suport 4K UHD @ 60Hz. Not sure what to make of all this other than the only option for 4K UHD @ 60Hz (using the DisplayPort) is the Dell UP3214Q. Well, out of all the 4K monitors I've tried. I'd like to try these 32" 4K UHD monitors whenever/hopefully the local stores receive them:

- Acer B326HK

- Asus PA328Q

- BenQ BL3201PT

- Eizo EV3237FX

As of this post, all have been released except for the Asus. I'll update this thread if I can confirm their status with the SP3.


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Many thanks for the update. Ordered two of them with a dock and some Lindy DP 1.2 cables for use with an SP3 i5. Based on below expecting dual 3440x1440 at 50hz, looks like a chipset bandwidth problem but will confirm when receive it all.

The number of external screens that your Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, or Surface Book will support depends on your settings for refresh rate and resolution and on whether the display on your Surface is on or off. For Surface Pro 3, it also depends on which processor you have (i7, i5, or i3)....

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