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System Firmware Update - 12/10/13 fails to install

BCVHOG asked on

Got the updates on todays patch Tuesday, but the firmware update failed to load.  Rechecking for an update does not give the opportunity to try and reinstall.

Anyone else having this problem?  I do notice that my telemetry driver is now loaded. so not sure what is going on here.

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TimHogg replied on


We are working through the holidays to deliver a fix for the small number of customers that have experience decreased battery life and booting/sleeping problems as a result of the December update.  We took the update down to prevent additional customers from ending up in this state. All hardware failures, none of which are known to be caused by the December update, are being handled promptly through our warranty exchange policy.

The UEFI firmware that we released in the December update prevents some devices from entering sleep mode (and other low power states) properly during periods of inactivity. In order to release an updated version of the UEFI firmware we need to test the new version with the other drivers in the set to make sure we are not releasing yet another unknown state to customer machines. We certainly feel your pain and assure you that we are doing everything possible to make this right, as quickly as we can.

Thank you,


Microsoft Surface Team
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Steven_B replied on

Greetings all,

We understand that the February Firmware Update has fixed the Battery gauge issue and the Firmware showing as failed. However we can see that there are some customers who are still experiencing issues with their Surface Pro 2 going into Sleep mode and Hibernate.

So we can better track those particular issues, we have decided to close this thread off. We encourage you to create a thread related to your Surface Pro 2 not going to sleep or not going into Hibernate. Please give as much detail as possible to your scenario.

We understand that the February Firmware update did not resolve the issue with waking from Sleep or Hibernate, as it was not intended to fix that particular issue. We are continuing to work to deliver a high quality solution. More updates will become available as this effort progresses.
Thank you for posting,

Steven B
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Dylan Tullberg replied on

After getting the failed firmware patch 12/10. 
I stopped the windows update server "net stop wuauserv", renamed the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb" to DataStoreold.edb, restarted the update service "net start wuauserv",

Then Ran Windows Update Troubleshooter:

Then restarted just to be sure of things, then ran disk cleanup "Clean up system files",
and made sure the windows update files were selected for cleanup.

After that restarted again for kicks. And re-ran regular Windows update.
After that it downloaded the firmware patch and installed with zero issues.
Perfect Device version matchup in device manager.

Hope it helps someone.
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