Why does using Bluetooth cause WIFI speed to drop by 66% on Surface Pro 2?

I recently purchased a 256G Surface Pro 2 and a docking station. 

I noticed very poor WIFI, it was only capable of downloading at around 3 MBs (megabytes per second) on my internal LAN. My laptop gets at least 3 times that speed at the same distance from my wireless router (about 6 ft). After doing a bit of searching, I noticed that a number of other people are complaining of similar issues. I discovered that if I turned off Bluetooth, the WIFI speed almost tripled.

I have tried modifying the power settings for the WIFI, Bluetooth adapter and USB, installed the latest drivers and patches. The Bluetooth devices that I have are the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition and the Surface Wireless Adapter for Type Covers. I can confirm I am running the latest .150 drivers.

I'm really annoyed by this. I spend extra to get a Bluetooth LE mouse only to have it cripple the WIFI speed when I use it.

Any suggestions? 

I had this too. I connected BT headphones, and when I ran a speed test (with no sound playing) I got 15-20 Mbps, but then when I would start a streaming video, it would stop and buffer constantly. The video became smooth and behaved more normally if I used wired headphones. But while sound is playing over BT, the WiFi speed from my home network slows to a crawl.

Try a 802.11a router.  I've noticed the same thing immediately with Bluetooth headphones.  If I can ever buy a docking station, I'll probably go for wired solution.

I got the same problem - both Youtube and Netflix were unwatchable while using my Monster Purity Pro headset (Bluetooth).  Searching brought me here - I hadn't even considered that Bluetooth could be interfering with the WiFi.  

On your suggestion, I enabled 802.11a(n) on my Netgear WNDAP350 router, connected to the new SSID, and playback returned to perfect.  Thank you!

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Same problem with the Surface 2 RT. As soon as BT connection is established, wifi speed is limited or wifi connection is even lost.
Any response to resolve this issue yet?  My Microsoft Bluetooth Sculpt mouse also kills my WiFI speed on the Surface Pro 2.  I am using the trackpad now on the keyboard to avoid this issue but the trackpad sometimes causes the cursor to jump to a random spot as well.,

I am getting the same issue on my Dell Venue 8 Pro.  The Dell BT keyboard works fine, no Wifi speed loss.  I bought a new Logitech m557 BT mouse today, and it drops the wifi speed from 15mbs to 1mbs.  I'm using speedtest.net for measurement.  I can see this drop while running speedtest and turning on the Logitech m557.  Conversely, I see a wifi speed increase when I turn off the m557.  It seems to only affect the download speed, the upload speed doesn't seem to be affected.

Some of the other discussion sites suggested changing the channel of the wifi router.  This does not seem to make a difference in the results.

Maybe it's just this particular Logitech M557 mouse.  I had a 2008 Microsoft Bluetooth notebook 5000, it got dropped and stopped working, however I didn't notice this wifi performance issue when I was using the Microsoft mouse.

All my other computers are showing between 14 and 16mbs, however none have any BT devices attached.

Still no word, or no fix... well over a year?

After a few go arounds with Dell Tech support, it turns out that on the venue 8 pro that the BT and the WiFi sit on the same card. Dell claimed to not have any reports on this issue, and wanted to warranty replace my Venue 8 with a refurb unit which I rejected.  After much experimentation I finally removed all BT, WiFi, and communicatins card drivers and reinstalled them. This helped considerably. While I still see some degradation, it's fairly minor. 

There is no fix to this and it is not a fault its the way the technology is designed.

wifi and blutooth both broadcast on the 2.4Ghz frequencies, there are only 13 channels, wifi needs a clean signal to transmit the information at a correct speed.

blutooth causes interference for wifi and vice versa. some BT adapters broadcast on the lower end of the band, some the upper. its the eternal struggle.

unless you use 5Ghz band wifi then bluetooth can suck it


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