Surface Pro 2.5 i5 4300U 1.9 Ghz 2.5 Ghz

I am not an IT guy.  Did Microsoft release a Surface Pro 2.5? 

I returned my Surface Pro 2 (v. 256GB) because of the poor performance after the failed12.10.13 firmware update. I recall the SP2 I returned having a i5 4200U processor. 

To my surprise, when I checked the System Properties in the Control Panel on my replacement SP2, the processor was upgraded to a i5 4300U @ 1.9Ghz. - 2.5 Ghz.

Perhaps this is old news. Can anyone explain this change or know of any other improvements? Thank you.


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can you post a screen shot? this is of interest to me as well. Take a screenshot of the

control panel>system and security>system screen (system subsection)

I just replaced my SP2 256gb due to issues relating to the December firmware update that caused the device to turn on while it was in a protective sleeve and overheated for a few hours it appears.  After discovering this, I found that the heat seems to have caused the front screen retention glue to loosen, entire top of the screen creaked when touched, and one of the fans seems to have damaged a bearing and would randomly make tons of noise.  I went to the microsoft store on a whim while on a trip for Christmas there to see if I could exchange it at the store and since I purchased the complete care warranty, they allowed it and I got a new unit there.

Just noticed my replacement is the i5-4300U @ 2.5ghz, verified through CPUZ as well.

wow this is actually quite a story. thanks.
Have you noticed battery life to be shorter with the 4300U? Also, it would nice if you could run powercfg.exe /batteryreport on your SP2 and post here the reported battery model name and design capacity. If they replaced 4200U with a more power hungry version I can't see how you could get the same battery life with without also changing the battery. In any case, I'm not liking a single word of what I'm hearing.
Same battery as before.  Monitoring power so far with BatteryBarpro, run time seems about the same so far for normal light usage with my customized power saver profile.  Full out running on high power profile playing a game does seem to show about ~25-26,000mWh consumption vs the -24k before. 
Installed batteries
Information about each currently installed battery
NAME X863568
SERIAL NUMBER ****************

Microsoft has confirmed the change:
Thank you, Crazedwombat. Very useful feedback there. I've noticed in your CPU-Z screenshot that 4300U is running at 798 Mhz when idle or under low usage, similar to 4200U. Sounds like under normal use of the tablet, battery life might be about the same with both CPUs, but when kicking into high gear the 4300 will run faster, and thus eat through the battery charge in shorter time. Sounds like a more flexible setup than the original. Also, 4300U seems to have better support for virtualization, which is a good thing if you have the need for the occasional virtual machine (my job requires that I use one from time to time, for example).

4200U has 20% better performance per watt than 4300U, according to this site:

I would like to know the condition of those tests, though.
Yes, just a multiplier adjustment for the 4300u basically for its top end, unless doing something to max out the processor, battery life should remain very similar to the 4200u.  
Confirmed i5 4300U. 

Battery life is great too - solid 8 hours and 12 minutes today at work with 11% left at the end of the day (I sell real estate - Excel, Word, Acrobat Pro, Word Press, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Internet Explorer, Bluetooth, WiFi). Power profile is default "power saver."

BZ to Microsoft for taking a big risk with Windows 8 and the way we "touch" and interface with technology. It is nice to see a high quality piece of hardware push the envelope and challenge the "norm" and challenge Apple. I am confident Microsoft will continue to refine and improve Windows 8 and the Surface. Also, I love my Nokia 1520 phone. I must also Tout, that I have been very impressed with Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM 2013. 

I like technology. I am an Apple and Windows fan. Together they make each other stronger, and better products for us. 

Well bugger.  I got my SP2 replaced because of the December firmware update, but because of my impatience, got it changed with the retailer instead of MSFT.  If I had sent it back, I would have got the 4300 version. lol...

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