civilization 5 tips on getting it to work

This isn't  a question.  Since Civilization V has a touch screen mode I thought some people might get it to try out.  Unfortunately it doesn't work out of the box on the Surface Pro.  To get it to work:

1: it does not work initially with scaling set to 150%  you need to set it to 100 or 125% while you setup the game.  You can return to 150% once everything is working though I'm not guaranteeing this will stay working, I usually leave mine at 125 but I just played for an hour at 150.;

2: install and then activate it through Steam...Steam will add a bit over 1 second to your boot but you can't play without it active (you can play without an internet connection once it has been activated search steam for off-line mode);

3.  Run Civ 5.  Go trough the splash screens etc. until you get to the main menu.  Choose settings then the video tab;

4.  The screen is improperly set, to be able to change the resolution you first need to set the full screen mode.  I had to exit and restart Civ 5 at this point you probably will too 😊;

5.  Now go back to video settings and change the resolution to 1920x1080 60Hz.  I suggest leaving everything else alone as it looks quite good at the default settings.  You will again need to exit and restart civ sure and choose the touch screen version when asked as you can now play it.

Yes it took me an annoying hour to figure this all out.


A note, after days of playing I suddenly started having Civilization 5 lockup and need a full power off reboot.  Happened twice then I remembered I was in power saver mode and switched back to balanced mode and everything was fine.  If you have customized to run your processor at less than 100% speed while on batteries you may have problems as Civ 5 wants full speed.


Edit: I should also point out I had similar problems on my Win 7 desktop PC with a Sony 1080p display which Civ 5 did not initially recognize, so it isn't just the Pro.

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