Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Internet Browser Issues

After installing Windows 10 Anniversary, I experienced problems with internet browsers: Edge, IE 11,and yes Chrome.

Initially, the issues started with Edge. I noticed a number of web pages needed to be recovered. Also, notifications would cause the entire desktop to freeze. Web sites that I experienced issues with were: MSN, Amazon, and Yahoo.

I then tried to access those web sites using IE 11, and noticed the same issues with webpages, which had to be recovered and sluggish performance. I then install the Chrome internet browser, and experienced similar problems. 

At this time, I decided to verify that my installed version of Windows Anniversary ( 1607, 14393.10) was valid. I performed sfc /scannow, and received 100% success. I also test validated the applications, and found corruption with the Windows Store, but not with IE or Edge.  But the issues, which I described earlier, with webpages freezing and needing to be recovered, was still present.

 I then decided to reset my reset my operating system

I posted my issues about a week ago.

I disabled Adobe Flash Player and this has helped me a lot.

I don't know if this will help you but its worth a try.

Good luck...

Thank you for your suggestion. It actually had a positive impact with the Edge browser.  The msn and amazon sites now function correctly. Prior to this step, I reset the OS, but save my files.  That seemed to resolve the problem, but only temporarily. Your suggestion provided the final step. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue, but I have to believe Microsoft has a more permanate fix for this issue.

You're welcome.

I am really surprised that more users have not complained about this.

I did see a thread on reddit from users stating that they had issues.

But nobody has recommended disabling AFP, except me.

I too am surprised that MS missed this in the AU release.

Luckily most web sites are moving away from AFP due to security reasons.



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