New MS Tool to repair problems with Anniversary Update available


Immediately after the W 10 Anniversary update, as many of you have experienced, things started to 'freeze' that had never frozen before. It began with any NOTIFICATION freezing in the bottom right of the clipboard and whatever page I was on that was behind the Notification would also freeze.  The only way to get things unfrozen was to reboot each time.  I called Surface Tech Support and was fortunate to get a fellow in the Redmond, WA support center.  He said this was a "known issue" and that MS had created a Tool to fix the issues but that it was testing this Tool so it has not yet been released as part of the new System Update.  It worked for me but with a few issues.

First, here is the official web address to go to.  NOTE that there is NO '.com' after the address:

Follow the prompts and it will run through a series of checks and fixes then ask you to Reboot.  It may ask you to confirm the time zone you are in.  Then, if it has installed correctly and fixed corruption and missing files, it will ask (like it did for me) to check the option to perform a new  System Update.  I did that and rebooted two times.  HOWEVER, after performing these actions which took about 40 minutes on my 512 Surface Book, the MS Tech had me go to the Troubleshooter and run, as Advanced/Administrator, the Troubleshoot problems with Windows Update.  It came back that there were still missing or corrupt Registry Files and I was directed to choose the option to APPLY FIX.  I did that and all the freezing has stopped.

HOWEVER... There is a new issue that I believe is a result of this Selfhealing patch.  There is now random FLASHING of the screen - the same kind of flash you see when you reload the entire OS either via Recover from the cloud or using a USB stick recovery image.  The flash I describe shows the rectangle box that you see in an instant when you reload the OS.  MS is aware of this.  This had never happened before (random flashing like it is reloading the OS) until I applied the Selfhealing patch.

The Flashing is happening less today but it happens.   I still think applying this process is worth it because all the freezing has stopped.

My SRX case remains open and Tech Support is following up with me tomorrow.

I hope this helps.



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It may be simple to some.  What rectangle box are you talking about?  Screen shot if possible.   

I actually had a flashing issue when I was using windows 10.   Every time I booted up to the windows 10 login screen & almost every time I clicked on the start button my computer flickered.  That why I went back to windows 7 sp1.   The anniversary update made the flicking worse.  Never flickered in windows 7 sp1 or even in a Linux systems.  I dual boot.   Just for the recorded,  I tried windows 10 by itself with no other operating systems installed and the flashing still happened. 


I am sorry that there is no way to take a screen shot it happens randomly and in a split second not humanly possible for me to catch it happening.   But if you ever relaod Windows 10 that box with the white border appears as, I am told by MS, the Windows OS I flashed into the PC   this same flash and rectangle box continues to happen since I installed the self healing Tool to correct issues with the Anniversary Update   three days since I installed that Tool and the flashing with the box appearing I still happening Mark

Thank you for inform about the new tool.

"shows the rectangle box that you see in an instant when you reload the OS. MS is aware of this."

My machine is a desktop PC. After I upgraded (via from setup.exe) version 1607 (14393) from version 1511 (10586), this strange 'rectangle box' was begin to appear an instant when logon screen. I don't run 
WindowsSelfHealingTool. I know nothing about it! What does it mean? This is internal a issue.

I would really analyse with Windows Performance Analyzer the issue. But I rollbacked version 1511 (10586). Why? Not freeze issue. After I used a few daysWindows' all XAML system is broken. I tried to solve this matter so hard. Unfortunately, the "explorer.exe > Class Not Registered" issues can't fix. I'd have tried anything for solution! (Note: I've been using PC since 1991; I learned BASIC and PASCAL programming languages at medium-level when DOS era. I even have a passion to IRQs, even Assembler. Those were the days!). Perpahs, need a clean-install but this method is toilsome (again re-install all softwares, personal customizations, etc).

My final words to Windows' Core team:

All you have been transform Win32-system to XAML/App system, step-by-step. I know why this need is Universal Windows Platform(PC-Mobile editions merge -> Store -> Bussiness ecosystem). You see this as a matter to life and death for company future. I understad why your turn a deaf ear to the "Please, don't transform the win32 structure to XAML/App system. Don't convert all Control Panel to Settings app, etc" like feedbacks of most user myself included.

We all know where this is heading: Windows 10 can't reach to Windows 7 usage level. My friendly advice to you: Modernizing Windows 7 or "Classic Edtion" like retro/special a SKU for Windows 10 without XAML/App system(without "Settings" etc. app, AppX services and Windows Shell Experience Host system). In this special SKU, users can be still install and run apps from Microsoft Store, only then the App/XAML system begin to works. In one respect, re-moderinized a Windows 7 which it manually install & run AppX-XAML apps.
Thank you for the information.   I have a hunch what some of the flashing could be.   I think it maybe related to Microsoft Windows Defender working in the background.   The program is not totally hidden when working in the background.   Have not tested this theory out.
PureOcean  if you try the upgrade again.    Try a free virus program that turns off windows defender & see if you still have the flashing issue.     I had the flashing issue since 1511.   It was so minute that some people wouldn't notice it.  Me,  I notice stuff like that-my eyes are more sensitive.   However, the flashing got worse with the anniversary  update. 

That certainly doesn't look like any kind of official Microsoft domain that I've ever seen before, so I would recommend avoiding that website altogether.  I don't think that it is legitimate.

Caveat emptor!

So many bits, so little time...

To reiterate, that address is a Microsoft Self Healing Tool address that I received and confirmed in two seperate calls directly to and from Surface Support in Redmond, WA.



I am pretty sure the website is legit.


Thanks you for your reply. Yes, I thinking try the upgrade agin, but not just yet. Microsoft releases one after another new cumculative updates for 1607. I waiting that 1607's fixing after new updates...

Meanwhile, speaking of logon screen, there is another a issue.
After Windows 10 upgraded to 10586 from Build 10240, the spinning circle begin to one more displays on the eve of logon screen. Boot sequence: Windows 8/10 logo and above spinning circle -> Black Screen (1-2 seconds) -> again spinning circle (1-2 seconds) -> logon screen. This issue didn't exist in Build 10240. It's began in 10586. I thought that MicroSoft' aware the minor issue and in Redstone 1 builds might be fixed. I upgraded to 14393. No change. The issue still happening. Solution: MSCONFIG -> Boot Tab: select to "No GUI Boot". So, the spinning circle animation no longer displays and without instanly black screen directly opens logon screen.


A littele advice to webmasters of Windows web-pages in 

May prepare special (not KB!) the one page including Windows 10 troubleshooter & tools. In this page, can be list all offically Troubleshooter & Repair utiliy, tools for Windows 10 by Microsoft created. All tools can be merged under a single the page. For example.

1) Start menu troubleshooter:
2) SoftwareRepairTool:
3) The Troubleshooter for Windows apps:
4) Windows 10 Anniversary Update tool:

5) Windows 10 Media Creation tool:
6) Windows 10 ISO:
7) Windows Update Troubleshooter:
8) .....
9) .....
10) ..... 

I hope, this message and advices will be useful for related persons.

P.S.: I'm sorry, my bad English.

UPDATE to my installing the Windows 10 Self Healing Tool:  Yesterday MS Tech Support in Redmond, WA called me back and because I was having the screen flashing issues only after the Tool was installed, he had me first:

1) Run the Advanced Troubleshooter. It returned results of missing and corrupt files/registry files.  I applied the FIX and re ran the process and all came back fixed and perfect.

2) Tech had me re install the Self Healing Tool.  It ran through it's process on my 512 Surface Book in about 25 minutes.  I re booted and then it asked me to choose UPDATE in the Self Healing Tool window.  I did that.  I rebooted two times.

3) Tech had me run Command Prompt (Admin):  sfc /scannow     That process came back with no integrity violations.

4) Over the last 24 hours their has been NO screen flashing at all, no freezing of Notifications or websites.  No errors of any kind.

5) I did find that I hade to turn BLUETOOTH back on and reconnect the Pen.  For some reason after the above processes, Bluetooth and pen connection needed to be re activated.

Tech Support suggested that the first two times they had me (on different days) install the Self Healing Tool, that there were already corrupt and or missing registry files that resulted after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  So the conclusion or suggestion they gave me that I performed was to first run the Advanced Troubleshooter as noted above and allow the repair FIX in that program and THEN run and install the Self Healing Tool.


I hope this helps.


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