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DDB7 asked on

Got my Surface Book i7, 512GB today.  From the start I have had problems with it randomly freezing.  Nothing will break the freeze short of holding down the power button and forcing a restart.  All the latest patches and updates are applied.  At first though maybe it was wireless network related but just had a freeze when wired in through a USB network adapter. 

Anyone else experiencing this?  If so any clues?  I am just starting to analyze the windows log files.  Seems strange as I have many Windows 10 machines and none have ever frozen in this way. 

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Greg [MSFT] replied on

Hi Everyone,

As previously mentioned, we have been investigating this as a top priority and have identified the problem. Today, we released System Firmware Update – 11/18/2015 which should address it and is now available in Windows Update.

We recommend that you install the latest updates to keep your Surface performing its best. You can get updates now by checking Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

You can find the details of the latest update on our Surface update history page.



Microsoft Surface Team
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Duneman replied on

If it is the keyboard or trackpad freezing (cursor usually disappears too) try removing and reattaching the clipboard. That usually brings the trackpad and keyboard functionality back for me.
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Brandon Paddock replied on

I am having the same problem. It has hard hung / locked up 9 times now since it arrived. I am seeing lots of issues traced to the Intel graphics driver (including app crashes where the call stack is in the Intel driver). However, the hangs don't result in BSODs or normal event log entries or memory dumps. I did discover that Reliability Monitor has entries for them though, listed as "Hardware error". Some/most of them have a bucket ID with the Intel graphics driver in the name.

At this point I am unclear if this is an actual hardware defect or a driver/firmware bug. At the moment I'm running with the Intel display adapter disabled (which runs the device on the software MS Basic Display driver - despite being attached to the base with the NVIDIA card). One possibility is that there's a hardware problem that is impacting the Intel graphics (i.e. bad RAM chip). However it could also be a driver or firmware bug. In that case, though, I would expect it to be very widespread. And it is unusual for driver problems to show up in this way (instead of a BSOD, or a driver restart/recovery). Probably not impossible, though.

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