Q: Surface Pen swap bug (In Photoshop!)


I've been having trouble with my surface pen in photoshop.. I'm not sure if its the program or my stylus but i am having trouble with the buttons on the side with pressure. 

When you use pressure on the style/screen is will drag around the canvas for you, No brush stroke applied. But if you hold down the button and put pressure on the screen a brush stroke was applied.. If the canvas is at a 100% zoom the style will disappear when trying to add brush strokes. It temporary Works fine but its getting to a point where i'm unable to work with it. I've reinstall many drivers, app, and reconnect pen. No luck. 

I've have a few different version of the stylus I've collected over the years, first gen, second gen, Lastest pen! All doing the same thing, But a change of he lastest window update has make this issue appear. 

device: Surface Book (Over a year old) <- Works fine with everything else

Program: Photoshop CC (versions: 19.1.1, 19.1, 18.1.2)

stylus: Different old and new types of stylus

Windows 10 version: KB4089848 (OS Build 16299.334) <- install two days ago.

I'm really disappointed What has happen, i've work with my surface everyday since i had it and no trouble but having this issue has indeed stop me in my track for doing work i love,

Thank you!




Just wanted to provide update on this issue.  

For workaround and additional information please see the following community post:

These KB's have additional information also



Scott McArthur[MSFT]

Scott McArthur[MSFT]

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