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I have a Surface 3, Windows 10 that is randomly rebooting, and it appears to occur when battery gets down to about 25%. In the System Event log I am seeing some Event ID 219 warnings from Kernel-PnP, in the last instance about 7 different warnings were logged indicating problems with 7 different drivers. I suspect something power related here rather than drive related given how many different devices are being flagged, such as the Surface Cover and the Surface Pen. 

Has anyone else seen this and/or have troubleshooting advice? 



Hello Frank McPherson

While Surface is charged and connected to power, restart a couple of times. 

Manually check for updates and install.  Restart and repeat as long as any updates remain.

Verify that all installed updates have done so successfully.

If you still find yourself impacted by this behavior, consider resetting.

Download the image Here

Create recovery USB


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