My Tegra 4 drivers won't update

I just got a brand new Surface 2 64GB for christmas, and everything is super cool except one big problem that is driving me really mad!

Here what happens:

1) Every time I buy a new device the first thing I do is Re-Formatting it and updating it with the latest drivers/software before doing anything else, so I did a Restore of my Surface 2 through USB, then launched Windows Update and did every update including the December Firmare Update (10/12), installing it successfully without any errors or problem;

2) After reboot I noticed that my Surface still have some graphical glitch and problems (it crashed while in Standby and receiving a Skype call), so I checked the Tegra 4 Drivers info from my devices, and...SURPRISE: both display/audio/miracast and all Tegra 4 components drivers are still the STOCK one, and weren't updated since...August! The display driver version is still: "" where I should have the latest one coming with the Firmware update: "" (released on November), and so on with any other Tegra 4 component... ;

3) I tried to update them manually (Device Manager still finds the display ones, and let me check them!), but after a "Success" message they still remain at the August/STOCK version, same with the others :(

4) I tried both Refresh and then Restore (wiping everything) 4-5 times, but without luck: still the STOCK one even after a total Reset and re-doing the Windows Update install..

5) I am desperate! I can't even switch S2 back at my store cause they are out of stock, and these days around christmas are really a chaos :( I also checked on the web and MANY people are reporting similar problems, example here:

And you can see a picture demonstrating the problem here:,.png&authkey=!AAdpXLa67DM2MQQ

My question is: is there a way to manually fix this or Microsoft can solve/update the drivers once and for all in a later update? Is my S2 broken or it's just software-related problem? Should I wait the next updates or take back my Surface 2?

Update: I see everywhere BSOD problems and drivers update problems after Refresh/Restore on ANY machine (Surface 2) by now, this is a serious problems that MS need to fix ASAP for who Refreshed/Restored its device, and cannot wait till 14th January: we need fully working updated drivers right now!

UPDATE #2: Not only Tegra 4 display drivers will fail to install, but ALL the December update/drivers except Firmware will.

Anyway, I found a manual solution for now, and it worked for me:



  1. RESET Surface 2 to factory settings from USB recovery Drive: wipe everything, and re-partition (entering the Bit-Locker key, and clearing TPM pushing Volume Up button if requested) too. This will PERMANENTLY FIX further BSoDs when trying to Refresh/Restore directly from the device. It will always work fine after this;
  2. Before doing anything else, go to Windows Update and download/install ALL OS updates FIRST, and only AFTER that -> install latest Firmware/Drivers updates pack. Reboot;
  3. ALL drivers should update correctly without errors and without any other tricks or workaround after this, and all your Nightmares should be finally over.

(And you shouldn't have any more bad errors in EventLog or Reliability Report too)

And there's more, you would successfully upgrade to newer firmware without any problem from now on.


THANKS for listen!



Hey guys, I've discovered why are drivers are not updating.

The problem seems to stem from that fact that when the drivers don't get updated properly at the beginning, the newer drivers are being left in the driver repository anyway.

Wherever you subsequently point windows to update the drivers from (online / downloaded from this thread etc), it will just refer itself back to the drivers already in the repository. Even uninstalling the video device through device manager and clicking the checkbox to remove all driver traces doesn't seem to be clearing the repository in some cases, which is why people are having varying results.

So to install the newer drivers without a refresh / downloading etc, do this (all at your own risk, I don't actually know what I'm doing I've just used some common sense!)

To clear the repository of the newer display drivers that are not actually in use (don't clear the older ones being used currently, I don't know what will happen if you do that):

Follow the instructions here to

a) Identify the OEM number to remove - its the .2767 display adapter one.

b) Then remove this oem number

Then you can install the latest drivers in device manager. I actually loaded the ones kindly uploaded here, but retrospectively I suspect you can just let windows search online and that will do the tick.

**EDIT: This is not the case, device manager will not find any more up to date drivers online for some reason**

As for the audio drivers - that seems to be more difficult as the audio is split into multiple different drivers, so identifying the right ones to delete is more difficult.

**EDIT: I deleted all the .2774, of which there were 3, and the audio will subsequently be able to update.** There will be more for the Miracast ones etc though.

What this all means, however,  is that as soon as MFST release some newer drivers (which will not be in our driver repository), they will all update fine anyways.

Hope this helps!


As this is being marked as the answer, I'll add:

- So if you can be bothered, you can search through the oem#.inf files as above and mark down all the numbers that are newer but not in use. Then delete them as described. I used device manager and cross referenced so I didn't delete any actually in use. This took some time as there is no reliable order to how they are listed or numbered.

- Once this is done, just run windows update and it will re-download and subsequently install the latest drivers from 12/10.

- Depending how far away the next driver updates are from MFST (maybe tomorrow?!), it might not be worth all the hassle and risk of screwing something up if you deleted the wrong thing!

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Greetings all,

Please download and install KB2913760 as this patch is targeted to address the issue.

Thank you for posting,

Steven B

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