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Alright, I do not know where to post this, so I will post this here. Also, before you tell me to contact the Surface team on Twitter, I have tried that almost a dozen times.

Recently I entered in the Surface Remix Project via Twitter to win a Surface 2 with a unique cover for remixing songs. A few weeks ago I received a DM from Microsoft saying the following:

You are a potential winner in the #Surface #RemixProject! Click link w/in 5 days to provide your shipping information -link hidden-

I filled out the information and was redirected to a message that told me to expect the product within 8 - 10 weeks. I am now seeing people receiving confirmation e-mails from tracking numbers from UPS and people actually receiving their winnings.

The thing is that everyone that won received the same DM above and also did the exact same thing and I explicitly asked the Surface Twitter account if I had won and they said that if I filled out the form, I should be fine.

I haven't received any UPS e-mails, and haven't received the product.

I have tried calling Microsoft Support, asking the Surface twitter account, and have tried live support as well, but I cannot seem to be able to contact the Surface Twitter team directly and this is driving me crazy. I love Microsoft, have been a fan for over a decade, and would love to receive a little better support.... Because, honestly, I do not know if I won or not.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome... Or the number of the Surface TWITTER team would be great too!

Thank you all so much!
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Tony_Du replied on

Hi Aaron,


Please see the private message I sent you and provide me with the requested information.

Thank you for posting,
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