Surface Laptop 3 Screen Crack

I received the Surface Laptop 3 13.5” in Matte Black as a gift on Black Friday (ordered 11/24/2019, received 11/29/2019) and was extremely careful with it. I always used a padded laptop case to store my laptop when it was in my backpack and kept it in there and nowhere else. Soon after using it I noticed that the hinge would make a creaking sound when I opened it and the bottom chassis would do so as well when I lifted it applying even the slightest pressure. In addition to hearing the chassis creak, you can feel it flex when it happens. However, I did not think much of this because the laptop seemed fully functional in every other way. Then, one morning not even a full two months after I received the laptop (01/19/2020), I took my it out of my backpack and saw multiple cracks across the screen, all stemming from the bottom right side where the corner of the chassis meets it. Right where that point lines up with the screen, the glass is shattered. I couldn’t understand how this could have happened because I have never dropped my laptop or dropped anything on it either, and the way in which the screen has cracked doesn’t seem like anything that would happen by accident and leave no other markings whatsoever. When we took it to our local Microsoft store, they also remarked on how the laptop looked brand new in every aspect, with no scratches or dents anywhere on the inside or outside. I am perplexed at how this could have happened because my laptop was never exposed to external conditions that could have caused the damage. The night before the cracks appeared, my laptop had been perfectly fine as I put it in my backpack and plugged it in to charge. Before going to sleep, I unplugged it but did not take it out until the next day when I wanted to use it, which was when I discovered the cracks.

I looked to see if others had similar issues with their Surface Laptop 3 and found that this seems to be a common issue that would be a result of a design flaw and/or improper manufacturing. My laptop has on occasion heated up, and in combination with the unstable chassis, it seems as if it expanded and the corner was pushed into the screen, shattering that area and creating cracks across the screen.

This incident makes me really upset and disappointed, not just because of the quality/design of the product, but also with how our situation was handled when we went to our local Microsoft store to discuss the issue. The technician and manager both said that they would look into the issue and see if others had similar problems and contact us on what the next steps would be within the next 2 days, but we received no response. We went back later that week and spoke to different employees who also did not help much and told us that we would have to pay the $500 to replace the screen, and said that we could try calling the 1-800 number, but when we did so, we were simply redirected and told to visit, which again only said that we would have to pay the $500.

I hope that someone can help us properly to fix this issue because it is heartbreaking with what happened. The laptop is really sleek and works very smoothly, but the fact that I am unable to use it outside my home because I fear putting it in a backpack and bringing it to school will worsen the cracks upsets me because my uncle gave this laptop to me so I that I would have “the best” (as he put it) laptop to use all the time.

I have almost the same issue. My laptop was delivered on 01/10/2020 and its entire life time has been sitting in my office. Today 03/16/2020 I just happened to look at my desktop background and noticed a hairline crack in the vary left hand side of the screen (I at first though it was a power line in Screensaver). There should not be any reason for this device to be damaged in anyway and I'm honestly not sure what to do....

Hi SkylerJohnston1,

Are you able to take a photo of your screen and the crack?  And post it over here:

^that's the main thread for the cracked screen issue and is also the most active.


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