Surface Book Battery Swollen

I have a Mircosoft Surface Book, I had it for more than 3 years now.

I recently noticed that the battery is swollen and the screen is bulged outside.

I did some google, the best practice is to go to your nearest physical Microsoft Authorized Service Center, I should also stop using the Surface and store it in a safe environment since it can burst out in flames anytime.

I live/work at West Africa - Ghana, there's no near physical Microsoft Service Center + Swollen battery is impossible to ship by air, they won't allow me to ship it because of the risk of the battery.

what do you suggest I do in this case please? i can't even find a way to report it to Microsoft..

UPDATE: there's a group on Facebook for all people who are facing the same problem, please go to Facebook and search: " Microsoft Surface Book Problems with Screen Discoloration and Bulging" join, let's see if this helps! 

I stopped using my Surface Book(afraid it will burst into flames while using it, battery is swollen too much)and I got a new Dell XPS 13

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Hi Guys,

I've contact Microsoft Technical support, after holding the line for almost 25 mins, a Microsoft Agent told me that my Surface is passed 3 years warranty, it was bought on March 2016.

upon asking what are my options, he replied "I can only advise you to purchase a new Surface device"

I replied by "I bought a microsoft Surface book for 1700$ cash, you can't tell me to pay another 1700$ after 3 years! what should I do with my current surface book? they simply said that they cannot help in any way. 

I then asked him, if i want to repair it at my own expense, can i? he said "Microsoft Service Center can't receive any product with expired warranty for battery swollen issues". they know that their products have issues, yet this is their answer.

I asked again how can I fix my surface? he replied "you can send it to any technician at your own risk" then i replied "you are basically telling me to throw away my surface book!" he couldnt reply then.

that's Microsoft for you :) 3+ years loyal customer got ditched at the first problem.

for me, i will NOT buy any Microsoft product whatsoever, I'll probably go to Apple, since they respect their products and their customers need more.


You can phone support
But, honestly, you really won't get any good options. If over 3 years, there is
no free replacement and if you are not in a launch country, even paying for an
exchange would be problematic as you'd need to find a way to safely ship to
someone in a supported country. That person would have to initiate a paid
exchange, pay for it, and receive a replacement and then ship to you.
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thank you for your reply.

i bought the Surface on March 2016. 

i specifically told the customer support agent that i can transfer the surface to wherever he wants on my own risk and expense. that wasn't his problem. he specifically told me "we can't repair it for you EVEN at your own expense, we can't even RECEIVE your surface in our service center EVEN if you send it"

their recommendation was to simply throw away my 1700$ surface and make a new purchase.

let me tell you something, i'll make a new purchase, but it will definitely not be from MICROSOFT!

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I completely understand, we were just having a discussion.

everything I'm referring to in this discussion is directly related to Microsoft dear, I apologize if you felt otherwise :).

thank you for your time! 

You should call support back and ask for a manager. Refer them to - you should be able to get out of warranty service for a price IF you can handle the shipping to someone in a supported country as I stated..
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thank you again for your time.

the Agent that was talking to me, when putting me on hold, he told me he was going to talk to a "manager" there. that's why i was holding the line for more than 10 mins after which, the agent came back and refused to give me any solution.

i emphasized that i CAN send it wherever he wants, i emphasized that i will pay the cost, i'll send it on my risk. service center simply REFUSED to even receive my surface because it's "3 years warranty expired" :/ i repeated over and over, forget warranty, i will pay, no results.

i think i should've asked to speak with a manager, but i also think that the agent should've referred me to someone that can give me an acceptable solution, not like what they did.

i'll try to call again tomorrow since they're closed now, i hope any microsoft personnel here to see this and do some action. people are paying a LOT of money for "premium" products with no support whatsoever.

my technician wants me to pay for an out of warranty fee which is 600USD. 

u should look into that if u want to replace and if it covers... 

I'm considering it but I honestly rather not go down that road with microsoft anymore if they arent willing to standby their product after 3 years of ownership may invest in a more reliable device with serious research before. not gonna make the same mistake again... 

but if u desperately dont mind and need it asap. look into that out of warranty option. 

I'm considering it too, but I just have a bad taste in my mouth that just won't go away.

MS support is asking for £568 (around $740) as I'm in the UK.

It's a great laptop, and there have been other issues.  Even perhaps buying a new one at a good discount would be a better option.

The replacements are refurbished anyway, I was told by the support guy it only had a 90 day warranty!  *sign*

So you could be in the same situation a year from now.

hi Alex,

I'm definitely not gonna pay 600$ for a device that doesnt worth 600$ all together anymore. i was willing to pay for the battery + installation, 600$ i'll buy a new laptop instead.

thank you for your time though, never again buying a Microsoft device.

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