Q: Skype Instant Messages Pending Problem

I've updated my Skype client application to latest version on Windows 10 Home

When I type messages to any of my contacts, messages are pending and not being sent.

I've already tried to re-install Skype, use older versions, use latest available version, clean history, restart Skype, restart my machine, clean all data from folder ...AppData\Roaming\Skype\[MySkypeAccountName] and still experience messages problem. Please, could you be so kind suggesting anything. Thank you in turn

In any chat window type exactly this text /dumpmsnp and then press the Send button. Copy and paste here the output from this chat command.

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Here it goes:

MSNP: Connection Data (MSNP24):
 * Status: NetStateConnected
 * Server Current:
 * Server Saved:
 * Login: cid-(-4984784330123788720) (Token) IMPL: 0 PMN_SET
 * Login State: CUR:0 LAST:0 LEND:0 ERRC:0
 * Skypename: i.zotova_agrotek [linked]
 * EPID: 4d5ef26c-803d-d578-7786-2b137a41eb92
 * ClientVersion: 0/
 * OSVersion: Windows 10.0  (build
 * Time: TZ: UTC+3, Server: 1502453683, Local: 1502453684
 * Connection: IF: 1 DC: 0 RC: direct
 * B:0 CS:[B:1 S:1] MO:yes CWB:1 Q:0[F:0 I:0] PMN:ATH
 * Recent connect: @ 2017-08-11T09:29:29Z
 * Push: None (Unregistered)
 * Build conf: RELEASE
 * CLC: cc9e3d6110a4f3b41bf4f300c4b75d55a8743c08
 * CL: 64e33b8c6a326a5c44db051c538cad359bbc8c8a
 * ML: 499671deea5bab8f2a60e4cde42f06cca5081f53
 * CoreLib: releases/CL2017.R15 @ 454784c1a7eb57f9f388819f1185f997f502eb9e

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Hi Ruwim.B,

Thank you for acknowledging the post of this thread.

And hello Aleks Iny,

Welcome to Skype Community Forum.

How did it go? Was your issue resolved now by resetting the Windows Host file as Ruwim.B provided? If the issue still persist, please do not hesitate to reply back, so that we can continue to assist you.




Skype Community Moderator

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Hi Juan,

I'm having the same problem. But this time it is only with only one single contact (( 

Here is the /dumpmsnp:

MSNP: Connection Data: * Status: NetStateConnected * Dogfood Status: false * Cloud Url:

* User Ring: PROD * Login: HIDDEN * Skypename: HIDDEN * EPID: {757e9201-6bda-4e45-9ebd-546e163e57a6} * EPFlags: Agent,Presence2015,MessageProperties,CustomUserProperties,Highlights,Casts,CortanaBot,ModernBots,AutoIdleForWebApi,InviteFree * Push Sub Id: None * ClientVersion: * OSVersion: OSX 10.13 * Time: TZ: UTC+0-3:00, Local: 1525258160162 * PnhInfo: {"registrationId":"b5cae1ea-7482-593a-e100-79075ba8b1a8","nodeId":"","clientDescription":{"appId":"","platform":"OSX","languageId":"en-US","templateKey":"","platformUIVersion":"1432/"},"transports":{"TROUTER":[{"context":"","creationTime":"","path":" }} * My Mris: 8:HIDDEN, 1:HIDDEN* Locale: en-US * PlatformType: 4 * Chat Service Connection: Websockets * Skype Token Expiration: 1525333355360 * FrontendUrl:

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