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New Skype Update is Horrible

felixmayberry started on

My phone automatically updated to Skype 8 and... wow. This is the worst update I've possibly ever seen. It's a weird mix between literal texting and a Snapchat rip-off now. I was using Skype for Skype, I didn't want it to be The Newest Snapchat!

Removing the ability to be available and invisible was a bad decision. Removing the ability to turn off large animated emojis was a bad decision. The formatting looks horrible. I can't even press enter within a message anymore. If the Skype desktop is made anywhere near as bad, I'm officially going to switch to Discord.

I mean, seriously. I get that Snapchat is "cool with the teens" now. But every app is now trying to copy their style exactly and it makes me want to use their apps less, not more. 

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