New Skype Update is Horrible

My phone automatically updated to Skype 8 and... wow. This is the worst update I've possibly ever seen. It's a weird mix between literal texting and a Snapchat rip-off now. I was using Skype for Skype, I didn't want it to be The Newest Snapchat!

Removing the ability to be available and invisible was a bad decision. Removing the ability to turn off large animated emojis was a bad decision. The formatting looks horrible. I can't even press enter within a message anymore. If the Skype desktop is made anywhere near as bad, I'm officially going to switch to Discord.

I mean, seriously. I get that Snapchat is "cool with the teens" now. But every app is now trying to copy their style exactly and it makes me want to use their apps less, not more. 

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not only ui is horible (on my fullHD 5" i see only 1/3 of text, compared to previous version). they also removed functionality from new version.

you can't see who is online and who is not, unless you enter conversation with them.

you cannot open links in browser (like chrome or firefox), you cannot attach files. picture can be attached only from camera roll, not other albums in gallery (that's it, i can't even send screenshots to friends).
you cannot save files to downloads or gdrive.
share to skype is missing (when you for example want share url from browser, or picture from your gallery, skype is not targets).

and there is lot more. i honestly can't understand how they even decided to roll out this unfinished beta version.

i rolled back to version 7, because skype 8 is unusable.

I use its realy terrible release. status of contacts not clear, favorits are gone, tekst msg is not readable - have a msg "Eek! we can't show this sms at this version..." How to downgrade?
Hey! How did you manage to downgrade, please tell us who share the same woe from Worst Release in the Observable Universe :)

1) download previous version apk from apk tracker site like

2) remove skype 8

3) install old skype

4) disable skype update in google play app is my preference, there are other version tracking sites, so use whatever site you want :D

Or they can give us a theme/color called "Classic" or allow us to set it to Classic mode.
adding theme will not restore missing functionality.

It is freaking mess!

1. It shows me my chats instead of contacts when I start it, I need to see contacts

   as I start Skype.

2. I want to see ONLY my Skype contacts at Skype and I don't need

   all of my phone and e-mail contacts to be shown on Skype.

3. I make my favorite contacts and I have groups, thou it shows me first recommended contacts!!

   what a idiotism! I don't need someone recommend me MY contacts - I need favorites and groups to be

   shown first then the rest of the contacts and to be able to choose either I can see all of my contacts either

   only Skype contacts.

3. I need to see who are online that I can call em but now it is only contacts with no

    sign if they are online, away or offline.

4. I need to be able to change time format - right now it shows only 12 hours time format

    and I don't have a clue either they called me in the morning or afternoon.

    I need 24 hours time format to see when someone called me!

Either fix it, or give me back old Skype!!!!

And another 2 bugs>

1. When Bluetooth is on, impossible turn on speaker - you have to switch off Bluetooth (fiscally - not in program, but completely turn it off)

2. Video call - impossible to move your own video that constantly in top right corner of the screen and often it covers the face of the person that I talk to.

When I try to move it it changes size and covers half of the screen or randomly taking instead whole screen.

Seems, that every time Skype developers making update, it getting only buggier and buggier.

All good features are removed and instead bunch of "no one need it" stuff - ...

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The worst upgrade ever! What a disgusting interface!!! Is it for children.....or for idiots? And all functions are worsened !!!

I honestly thought it was a virus masquerading as skype -- no way to sign out, go invisible/away, I can't even change preferences so that all calls go through my speaker.  This is worst update since "New Coke" (yes I'm old).

The newest update (8.1) is quite possibly the poorest excuse for a piece of software that I have ever seen. It's ugly, unintuitive, messy, disorganized, and the "flow" of the app is atrocious, it's difficult finding your contacts, call history, and settings. It's (nearly?) impossible to turn off video before or during a call, as none of the icons are labeled or even accidentally resemble something one would press to enable or disable video, and lastly, and this is really the smallest beef I have with the app, as everything else is so overwhelmingly bad, is the sound quality. I don't know if they changed the codec or what but sound quality is complete and utter sh!t now. I have uninstalled this Greek tragedy of an app and reinstalled version 7.46 and am just fine with staying with that. Perhaps they should uninstall their development team, or at the least the project manager.

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