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Cortana in Skype: Microsoft’s intelligent assistant comes to your chat window

Starting on 9th October 2017, US customers on mobile versions of Skype will start seeing integration of Cortana within Skype.

At Skype, we’re committed to making your Skype experience even better. With Cortana, we’ve added a powerful, intelligent assistant to help you with your everyday tasks right where you are and save you time.

Cortana is an intelligent assistant that you can use right from your Skype chats to help you with smart replies, useful information like restaurants and movie times and actions such as reminders. She is automatically added as a contact, and you can find Cortana in your address book and chat screen.

Cortana in Skype will be gradually rolled out to our Android and iOS customers in the United States. Your feedback is key to continue improving Cortana, so please visit the community page and let us know what you think or send us your recommendations. To learn more about how to start using Cortana and find other quick answers, please visit the FAQs.    

Cortana on Skype will become available to customers in other countries and on other platforms soon. Learn more.

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