End of Life of Skype for Linux 4.3

As announced earlier this year, the old Skype for Linux v4.3 is at its end-of-life and will be decommissioned in the upcoming weeks.

You will be automatically signed out of Skype until you update. Please, update to the new Skype 8.x, which is ready for you with lots of improvements at Skype.com.

In case you hit any issues, please check known issues, system requirements, or post your questions directly to this forum. All your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

The Skype Team


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why would you end the life of skype for linux 4.3 - if your replacement skype 8.9 and 8.10 for linux is just full of bugs? not just minor one - but major -> unable to start, unable to send messages... is this by design?  

see https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/forum/skype_linux-skype_startms-skype_signms/skype-8901-shows-blank-screen-after-login/9f439422-1b74-41fe-abd0-5a3d6b0b9e78 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/forum/skype_linux-skype_callms-skype_audioms/latest-skype-crashes-on-ubuntu-and-on-linux-mint/a6637c20-5fe3-455c-9250-e441d1c2c51c https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/forum/skype_linux-skype_messms-skype_instamessms/linux-mint-182-unable-to-send-message/1a64211d-0320-4f6e-8533-eb4825dbfd35 for examples...

By discontinuing 4.3 Microsoft is forcing everyone with a 32 bit processor to buy a 64 bit computer if they want to use Skype.  I have Linux Mint 17.3 running on a laptop with a 32 bit processor so I'm forced to terminate my Skype account.  It appears that Microsoft couldn't care less if they lose customers with older computers.  Well, there are other ways to make calls such as an Obihai modem phone using a Google account.  Bye bye Skype!         

"with lots of improvements"


No more search in history.

No more normal application settings.

No more support of x32 processors.


More emoticons and bugs that is yours "lots of improvements".

"You asked, we delivered"

Yeah... Thanks...

The new skype doesn't display notifications for birthdays. Many a times, I'm unable to receive or send messages on this version (especially in group chats), but was receiving it on the previous version. (I used to run both for this purpose). The search history is not good. Please keep the older version support. 

Since updating to the Skype for Linux 8 series, I have noticed man MANY changes to how Skype looks and feels. I have yet to find a single change that I consider to actually be an improvement. Here is a list of the changes I have noted, and been frustrated by.

1) separate windows for individual chats is gone. It used to be default that every chat had its own window. Then, in the change from Skype for Linux 4 to 8, that got changed to having to "pop out" every chat. Thankfully; Skype would at least remember that my last chat with someone was popped out and would open a new window whenever they launched a chat with me.  Now, with the latest update, that option is gone as well. This forces me to click back and forth between active chats constantly, instead of just having side by side windows I can simply glance at.

2) In the contacts list it was once standard to have the ability to sort your contacts by online status. Now all you can sort by is time, unread and active. In addition, the original 8 had at least the option to create a list of favourites. The latest update has taken that away as well.

3) When the new update installed, I was walked through the initial configuration of the new version. This was unexpected, usually updates are expected to preserve most of your existing settings if at all applicable.

4) The configuration walk through promised that I could always change the theme later in Settings. This is incorrect. The settings dialogue box makes no mention of themes whatsoever. Changing the theme can be found, oddly enough, within my profile of all places. There I find another path to Application Settings (note that this is a different label than found in the menu Tools|Settings, but takes you to the same place), but changing the theme is not there, it's all by itself further down.

5) Among the settings that has apparently been taken away by the update is the option to NOT log chat history. Now logging everything is my only real choice. I can delete a chat, but that then kicks the contact off the top of my contact list when sorted by Active. Granted, for a sort based on Active, this makes sense, but what I am trying to achieve is something at least slightly similar to sort by Status and deleting chat history breaks that. Note that, despite the fact that I had chat logging disabled in the earlier Skype 8, all those chats which I expected to be unlogged reappeared. The visible chats go back for several MONTHS. Previously, with Skype 4, logging was done locally and it was assumed by most users that was the only place chats were being logged. Having old chats come back from the grave proves that chats are also logged on central servers against my wishes. (and despite Canadian privacy law that says Skype can only log with my express consent OR a valid court order...)

6) I have lost the ability to create custom groups of contacts (e.g. a Favourites list) that is not tied to a group chat. Creating a group chat is easy enough to figure out, but on first use, the labelling and phrasing is ambiguous enough that I thought I was creating a favourites list when what I was really doing was effectively creating a chat room.

7) The process to remove people from a group chat is a tedious PITA. I don't know whose bright idea it was to make invisible buttons that only show up if A) You've taken the pointer away from where the button will appear and then B) do a mouse hover. Note that the contact list by default only shows the top three contacts and reorders itself every time you delete someone. That means that the next contact is brought into view and then I have to repeat A and B again. I understand the desire for a clean looking interface, but working "under the hood" in tools, settings or preferences is no place for playing hide and seek with the buttons!

8) Starting with the very first update made after Microsoft purchased Skype, I have been getting the same bug with every update. Every time there is a minor version change (e.g. 8.8 to 8.10) very old and obsolete contacts get put back on my contacts list.  With today's update I am once again looking at having to delete numerous contacts who have been dead for years. While we're on the subject of deleting contacts. I used to be able to just remove a contact, so that I didn't see them on my list and they couldn't see my status on theirs, but they could still send messages "blind" as it were. (chats to someone who appears offline, in expectation that they will see it when they next sign in). Now the only option is to block. On the plus side, the options for reporting abuse have expanded and that's a good thing. But losing the ability to just remove contacts and/or arrange contacts arbitrarily is irksome.

I totally agree with Safiren and GenghisBarbarian. There is a word in German for this. It's called verschlimmbessern, which translates to improve for the worse. You, Sirs and Madams, waste our screen space with useless informations (like avatars in the chat) and fancy looks. Ever thought of that? Don't you find that quite daring? Oh btw, I can't change my speakers volume. It always jumps back to 0. So I get these annoying popups in the right bottom corner, which forces me to shutdown skype when multitabling poker. On the other hand I don't hear incomming messages when afk. So I would like to have a pure sound notification w/o popups. Well while writing this I noticed, that sometimes there is sound and somtimes not, which makes it even more wierd.

More and more people I know are not present in skype anymore. I had to install discord to contact them.

I apologize in advance to this community of enthusiasts and Linux users (probably master users). I am a well seasoned Windows user and have been dabbling in Linux over the years off and on - more 'on' recently. I have to say that this new Linux appears (at first opening) to be an identical presentation to the Windows version. Since I am an avid Windows user of Skype - I feel like I've 'come home'.

Again... I am predominantly a Windows user, so likely I have already figured out how to 'compensate' for this presentation over my years of use. I hear all of your frustration with the change but if I can encourage you to be patient - you will learn to appreciate the presentation as it is.


Having a consistent appearance and function across platforms is indeed a desirable goal and I do appreciate the efforts the Skype team have made towards that end.

However; I would like to say that it would be more accurate and more desirable to maintain consistent appearance and function across similar platforms.  Having the same look and feel across desktop platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) is a good thing since the human interface is the same. But desktop and mobile versions use very different methods of human interaction, and shouldn't try too hard to look and work the same. Desktop users are accustomed to having a lot more options and fine level of control over their desktop applications. Moreover; they have the screen real estate to make use of separate windows for individual chats. Mobile users, on the other hand, do not have the screen space for that, and the touch interface requires simplified menus and functions. Much of the new look and feel would work very well for mobile users.

That said; losing two of the functions I mentioned (sort by status, grouping of contacts) negatively affects both desktop and mobile users. As does the bug of restoring long obsolete removed or blocked contacts after version changes. (note that spam contacts, contacts blocked with an abuse report do not reappear, which is a good thing) And the design choice to make invisible buttons within the remove contacts from group dialogue would probably impact mobile users even worse than it does desktop users.

Personally; I find the restoration of chats that I had previously set to be unlogged to be very disturbing. I chose that option for reasons of my own. I do expect that I have to again choose that option after major version updates (despite the industry standard of preserving settings across updates whenever possible) because I've always had to do so in the past. But I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that a) the option to not log chats is preserved and b) chats that were not logged at the time of creation never be visible or accessible to the users. I understand that technical and legal reasons may require recording all traffic on the server side. But, as I said in my original post, it's my understanding that Canadian law requires that you do not record my chat history without either my clear consent OR a valid court order. (this is covered by the Common Carrier legal standard)

Thank you all for the feedback.

As Bill kindly mentioned, Skype is now, for the first time in history, the same across all platforms - including Linux.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience while switching to the new version on Linux. We are trying to make it as seamless as possible, but not everything can be retained - like the 32bit support or old UI. 

I hope that the new features, improvements, security, consistency and, most importantly, continuous work on the client will outweigh the issues with the change.

PS: We are now looking at the contact groups and other improvements you may find useful.

Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming :-)

Kind regards,


It looks like with the new version it's not possible to distinguish OFFLINE contacts from AWAY contacts, is this by design?

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