Microsoft, if you read this, PLEASE REVERT TO THE PRIOR SKYPE iOS VERSION!

The new 8.1 iOS release from June 2017 is terrible.  Skype for the iPhone was already 99% great or better---please give us the old version back!  

It seems as if core functionality has been removed or it's harder to use besides changing the look 'n feel from good to bad. For example, it doesn't seem possible anymore to call out to a landline or cell number or to initiate a Skype-out calls to iPhone contacts.  I saw something about uploading my local contacts to your servers which is unacceptable.  Your App has ALWAYS used the local iOS contacts to be able to call their physical numbers. Also, I can't figure out how to text/SMS to a cell number...the old App would clearly and easily give you a choice between Skype IM or texting.

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I downloaded this yesterday and must admit I am rather dismayed.

I cannot now see if my contacts are online, there is no green light or yellow if away.

On trying to ring, one of my contacts fails to connect and I am asked to leave a message as he is unavailable.  But if I go to my iMac I can see that he is online and get through immediately.

The whole interface is confusing and counter intuitive and I would really like to get back to the old version of Skype.  Is this possible?

Many thanks


Yes, this guy knows what he's talking about. I can't see if anyone is online or not by a contact list. I can't see peoples status messages. I can't post my own status messages. Why is there a recommended section in the contact list? i use favorites? just a time waster? i'm completely locked from using 6.35.1

If it doesn't revert, i'm simply deleting skype and using imessage. killed off msn messenger, now ruined already ruined windows for me...

stop trying to be everyone else and be your own.


Thx for your reply!  I hope Microsoft is reading the reviews for their new release on the iPhone App store as there are pages and pages of 1-star ratings with many comments in the subject line calling the new release "terrible".  

If I didn't have 100's of Skype contacts and depend on this App so much I would just move to another platform but after years of using Skype, I depend on it and it's not so easy to just pick up and move.  But with this release, they will drive iPhone users away.  I can't imagine what they were thinking to release such a major overhaul that lacked key functionality that's been offered for 5 years or more.

If anyone knows of a hack to restore the old release, please post but I don't know of any options unless one has an older iTunes backup for their phone.

Hello MICROSOFT!!!!! Your recent update to the Skype App is terrible!! This is completely ridiculous considering I purchased credits/subscriptions for 1 year so I can call my local iOS contacts and now I can't use the credits that I paid for??? Microsoft folks need to look into this NOW!!

I've been pondering this all day...i think they're trying to make skype a new snapchat. so instead of making a new app to try and rip off snapchat, they butchered their skype app.

don't be google microsoft, actually listen to your customers! And make changes based on what they want! Or they'll just text their friends instead...

Hi all,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Skype community, while we wont be reverting to the previous version of Skype we are interested in your feedback. We have heard already from many customers that the would like to be able to see some status updates for their friends and be able to set a status thats more than just "Online" and "DND". We are working on that for an up coming release.

I would urge you all not to simple say it bad put it back instead tell us what you would like in it, you can do this via the inclient feedback mechanism, click your profile picture >> cog (settings) and then tap send feedback. Or you can leave us some more detailed feedback here in the Community.

how about take the original platform and make it better, rather than take the platform away and try to write a different one and call it the same app? it would surely stop a lot of people going to discord. i'll throw away every PC i have and only buy apple if you tell me how i should think about something again.

Allen, if 900,000 over users are giving this new release a 1 star rating, you have a FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM.

This new release is JUNK, I repeat JUNK. It is totally unusable by anyone, who has been familiar with and comfortable with, the previous versions of Skype, which have had a very useful purpose.

If you want to target a new user group (teens, kids etc.) go build a new application. Do not cannibalize an existing successful one.

I have installed from my backup, the earlier release, which I am using. I WILL NOT install the new version.

The day Microsoft forces me to upgrade is the day I will stop using SKYPE.

I hope you finally get it!


I appreciate that you are catching a lot of heat but someone has to pass on some home truths...

Skype is:




Skype for Business interopability

Skype out & in(connection to POTS)

What has happened is that instead of adding "Moments" (or whatever this Snapchat rip off junk is) Microsoft has broken basic functionality. If this has been a new tool that sat on top of the Skype infrastructure ok fine, but YOU BROKE BASIC FUNCTIONALITY...

Calling is not working properly

We can't see who is online / available or hide our status if we choose

Both of these mean Skype for Business connectivity is useless

Skype In and Out are now buried and ugly to use (which is the paid for service).

I know Microsoft will not go back, they would rather shut all of Skype down than go back... that is fine, you want to be Snapchat... Whatsapp etc can take over for you and do a better job while Skype sails off into obscurity....

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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