Q: I want to merge my skype account to microsoft account.

I want to merge my skype account to microsoft account.
or only delete microsoft skype account information let me can merge old skype account again.
My microsoft auto create a skype account to stop me to do that. maybe it happened ... years ago.
and input same email, didn't merge it.
(readed topic: and voted not resolve.)

If need any information, please tell me.

PS: my microsoft skype account bookmark is empty, and no profile details. but I want to keep my microsoft account.
(readed topic: close skype account, that's not only skype account.)





As of this time, you can no longer merge Skype account to a Microsoft account. And also unlinking process is no longer available.


Based on your description, there’s a Microsoft Skype account that has been automatically created on your Microsoft email address. However, deleting this account would also affect your Microsoft account. Technically, these accounts are one. Meaning, the Skype account is also a Microsoft account.


If you wish to remove or delete this account, you will need to delete the Microsoft account as well.


My advice is to always sign in to Skype using the Skype Name and not the Microsoft email address. Signing in to Skype using the Microsoft email address will route you to the Microsoft Skype account.



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