Skype Insider Preview // Share individual application windows! //

Available on Desktop for Windows and Mac

Our commitment to enhancing screensharing now includes the ability to share individual application windows in Skype which is available in the latest Insider build.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

The Skype Team

Super. The next step would be to make available the option to change shared windows without stopping sharing. This feature is available now with Skype 7.X version.

My Insider Preview (Mac) has updated today from the referred version to version, and there is no info on this new build available anywhere. What was fixed, if anything?
Is split view coming to the desktop version soon? Or just a way to change the size of the sidebar?

Sop screen sharing now available but having the split chat window is not. Thousands of loyal Skype users complained and are refusing to upgrade until this feature is returned to Skype for Windows 10 . I myself have turned off automatic updates so I no longer get the nag page to update.

Microsoft, didn't you hear us !! We want split chat windows back.

I even tried a preview built thinking that the split chat windows would be in one of these versions, but it is nowhere to be found. If the old version 7.41 of Skype is disabled for some reason I want my money back and will find another chat/sharing app.

It has been many months now that we have complained about this and still nothing.

Sorry, end of ranting.


There is a bug in the individual window screenshare. VLC Media Player does not show up on the list of windows to share, neither VLC 2, nor the latest VLC 3. Sharing a media player is one of the best ways to use Skype's individual window share and I hope support is added by the time for stable release.

Thank you

This is not a bug in this Skype version. The same was the case with the previous Skype 7.X version. Whether a window can be shared or not depends on the overlay the window is drawing to. I have a TV Tuner running on my Windows 7 computer. Sharing this window was never possible with the old Skype 7.X, and the same is now the case with the latest Preview version.

Again I am forced to upgrade and I do not want to upgrade. This is getting too much now. You can share windows but you can't split the chat. Is it soooo difficult.


Where is the Download link for the windows store version of this?

When I download it I get a Desktop version that looks like the store version. If I understand it correctly your moving to store version only at some point so id like to test that insider version.

Any help with this via a store link to insider or an external link that updates in the store would be amazing!!!

Thnak you Kris.


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