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Do you often receive important information on Skype whether it’s work-related or family photos from a recent vacation? Do you want to save it so you can come back to it with one click any time in future?

We are happy to announce that you can now bookmark any message in Skype! Just right click or long press the message and click Add bookmark. After that, the message will be added to the Bookmarks screen and will be saved with your other bookmarked messages.

This feature is available on both desktop and mobile. Try it and send us your feedback!

Thank you for all that you do to support Skype!

The Skype Team

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This is a nice new feature, but what is missing, or maybe just a bug, is the option to remove bookmarks.


The option is available, but nothing happens when applying.


That could be a bug, please report the problem through the app.



It's worth noting where the "bookmark screen" actually is, since it's not apt to be discovered easily: in the panel that pops up when you click your main avatar.

Earlier, I added a bug for the inability to remove bookmarks, so you'll have multiples. :)

I was struggling to recall what form bookmarks took in the old version. All I could find was a reference to "Move Bookmark Here," which doesn't sound very helpful, since it just "marks all chat messages from this point and down as 'unread messages.'"  Maybe there was more to it back then, but if not, this is a rare case where Skype 8 improves on the old version.

Yes. In the old Skype 7 version, the "Move bookmark here" option was only used to mark messages as "unread from here". In the new Skype 8 version, this option is explicitly named "Unread from here".

That's much more sensible. "Bookmarks" has a very specific meaning in the computer world, and old Skype borrowed the term for something else.

On another subject, do you think it should have a shortcut key?  Ctrl+B is available, though if MS has any ambitions for making Ctrl+B bold text some day, it wouldn't be the best choice, even though Ctrl+I (which would be used for italics) has already been assigned to something else.

"Ctrl+Forward slash" is supposed to display shortcuts, but does not, so I'm just going by what's in the support article.

Removing bookmarks now works. Another server-side change or something pushed down (no version change).
Thanks for reporting. Removing bookmarks should work now. Please try it out and let us know if it still doesn't work
Product Manager, Skype Messaging team
Do you mean having a shortcut for adding a bookmark or for some other bookmarks-related action?
Product Manager, Skype Messaging team

No, that's easy enough with a right-click or the little "..." menu.

I just meant a shortcut to whisk you over to the list of bookmarks.

Another idea I'd like to run by people:

I can imagine the Bookmarks list growing to something unwieldy and very lengthy, leading to a lot of scrolling and not being able to quickly find something. There are two ways to solve that:

  • If it's going to be kept as is, what about implementing a search that can be activated from Bookmarks and which applies only to it?
  • Or, failing that, perhaps limiting how much of the contents of a given message is shown, to minimize scrolling but still give people a good sense of what they're looking at? And, importantly, with the full message still accessible by clicking it.

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