Skype Insider Preview // Introducing cloud filesharing via OneDrive in Skype //

Available for Store app for Windows 10 PC, iPhone, iPad, Android 6+, and Android Tablets, Desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux Web

We are excited to announce cloud filesharing in the latest Skype Insider Build! With OneDrive in Skype, it is now possible to simply send a link to a shared document instead of transferring the whole file.

To share the links from your personal OneDrive,

  1. Open the chat with the contact you wish to share the file with
  2. Click on the + icon located on the bottom of your chat window to open the Content & Tools menu, scroll through and select OneDrive
  3. Select the file, or folder, you wish to share from your OneDrive into the chat

It's that easy!

If your contact is on a mobile device and has the application available, the file will open directly in that app, and not in the browsers. If your contact does not have the application installed, the OneDrive web site can preview most commonly used filetypes. 

Try this feature out and send us your feedback!

The Skype Team 

While this is a great feature. The Skype team should focus in migrating Classic Skype features and options first.
I don't have this feature.  Not in Android.  Not in the UWP Store app for Windows 10.

I've got it. (Good addition.) But, as of now, I get two error messages. "It's not you, it's us. We're experiencing connectivity problems. Try checking your connection and trying again." In the other one, says to fix connection by signing into OneDrive. Nothing to fix. OneDrive is fine. FYI....

Wait! It could be me. My internet connect is very, very slow right now. Yet, OneDrive opens on it's own (outside this new feature via Skype). 

I don't have this feature.  Not in Android.  Not in the UWP Store app for Windows 10.

Has now arrived on Android (works very well) .  Not in the UWP version yet.

Now I have a question about the "Content and Tools" menu:

How can I sort the menu items?  Or can I remove unwanted ones?

My last menu item is OneDrive.  There are so many of them I never use.
Hello, I see that it was solved already however if you´re going to experience it again please fill the "Report a problem" feedback, logs included so we can investigate what happened! :) Thank you! How does it working for you now?
Sarka [SKYPE]

It works.

And yes, I filed a report (before  I knew my wifi connection was slow). But you've got the data, so can draw your own conclusions. 

As for how it works.... 

1) when the new Skype feature takes me over to OneDrive, I can't see the image of the photo. So, it's a bit of a guess what I am attaching to my Skype message 

2) I already send a lot of photos on Skype, the vast majority by sharing from OneDrive. Works well. 

3) So, instead of this new feature, I will probably continue to go first to OneDrive and then  "share" file and photos to Skype  

Thanks for the feedback Eric. If you could see a preview of the image from the OneDrive extension in Skype that would make a big difference it sounds.

Yes, it would a good improvement. 

But as I mentioned, starting in OneDrive and sharing a photo to Skype works very well too. 


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