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Hello, Skype Insiders! We are rolling out a new preview build. Check it out and let us know what you think!  

  • Store app version for Windows 10 PC (, iPhone, iPad, Android 6+, and Android tablets
  • Desktop app version for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Web version

What's new?

  • New contacts panel: You've been asking for more control and customizability over your contacts, and we believe this is an important first step in giving you just that! Available for Insiders who are on 8.35.+ builds.
  • People You May Know: This feature suggests people to you based on mutual contacts you've added or chatted with on Skype.
  • Video Messages limits are now 3 minutes!
  • Possibility to add phone number to Skype contact.
  • Skype Presence Updates: We have brought back the highly requested Away state and added a new state, Recently active! Now at a quick glance you can see if your contact is online or not. If the contact is Offline you won't see a presence indicator on his/her avatar. 

What's fixed?

  • Linux: Skype Preview 8.36 contains various fixes and improvements along with major Electron update. It should fix the issue Skype doesn´t start on Debian 9 / 10 / OpenSUSE.
  • Improve empty states that drive first action through adding contacts or starting a conversation.
  • Call UX accessibility: Add in-app shortcuts to query and announce local camera and mute status.
  • Simplify composing experience on Desktop by providing a consistent UI where users can intuitively share content (for Desktop & Web).

Check out the current version and please provide us the feedback here in the forums or in the app by (gently) shaking your device or going to Skype → Help and feedback. We can´t wait for your insight!

Heads up, we roll out small updates to preview builds as we get them ready for the general public. We'll keep this post updated as new features and bug fixes are rolled out. You can always see the current version numbers in the Skype Flight Hub.

Please note also builds are released slowly over time so you might not see new builds right away on all of your devices. If we ever stop a rollout because of the feedback you've provided, we'll let you know.

Thank you for all you do to support Skype,

The Skype Squads

My experience with this version:

Still crashes when SMS-Connect is activated.  The phone number under "Privacy" does not match any of my phone numbers in my profile. This number cannot be changed.  It is only possible to activate and deactivate. Some links with additional information about the settings do not work. "only show active contacts" and "show subtitels for all voice and video calls" is not translated in german. I still don't think calls should be listed under chats.  Voice calls only under call list.

  • Simplify composing experience on Desktop by providing a consistent UI where users can intuitively share content (for Desktop & Web)."

Can you elaborate this please?

Tried it, don't like it.  Reinstalled Classic Skype 7.41 to have the Menu Bar, Tools/Options/Contact Backup and all the other features that make Skype, "Skype". Skype beat out ICQ, Pal Talk etc.  All because of the ability to customize it on our desktops/system tray just they we liked it.

I don't like seeing people's images in their profiles. I don't like not being able to clear all activity with one click. These are still not available in 8.36.

Just one small comment worth pointing out: Skype 8 has a secret menu bar: use the old ALT key trick. There it is, though it's not the same.

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