I want to give out a Skype name / ID that is unique to me. How?

I'm not giving my actual details as this is a public forum, so let's say my Skype Name as given in my Skype Profile is Arthur.Finknottle. I would expect that anyone typing this into the search box would get just one result; mine! Why doesn't this happen?  Accordingly, people have trouble finding me on Skype as my "Skype Name" seemingly isn't unique. When they type "Arthur.Finknottle" into the search box there's hundreds of results - typically all the variations of the name except mine.

Can you imagine what would happen if Microsoft did the same with telephone numbers in a telephone directory? Total chaos! 

  • Creating a directory Rule 1: give each user a unique name or number! 

Is there a GUID (or similar) I can give out to people so they can connect with me without trying each and every result that comes-up in the search box?

By the way I asked this question five years ago and was told that lots of users like the idea of getting lots random results from a name search as it allowed them to find new friends ;-) Bless!


The answer is:

  1. You need to use a fully qualified Skype name, so prepend something like "live:" to the name given in your Skype profile. For example, if your profile name is "will.stott" then give out the name "live:will.stott" to people who want to call you. I have no idea where you might find your appropriate qualifier or why Microsoft doesn't provide it in your profile. However, a fully qualified Skype name is unique so produces only one result when typed into the search box.
  2. Searching for your own Skype name doesn't work for reasons that are not clear. However, searching for your full qualified name (i.e. live:will.stott) does work.

I hope this helps others

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