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Sometimes you need to make a call with someone who doesn’t use Skype (bummer..). We all experience that. Well guess what? With Meet Now you can! This pretty cool feature and more is just in the latest Skype Insider build 8.55. 76.124

What's New? 

Meet Now on Skype: With this new feature you will be able easily set up a call on Skype and share a link to friends, family or colleagues. They don’t even need to have a Skype account to join the call! 

Improved photo sharing experience on Android: There are now new options for editing and reviewing photos and videos before sharing them on Skype. 

What’s fixed? 

General fixes and improvements 

- Brazil timezone is now correctly showing times in the application 
- Tray icon on desktop is no longer showing as offline after startup 
- Resolved an issue where using "Save as..." for files did not work 
- Added support for System Dark Theme detection on Windows 10 
- App notarization for MacOS 10.15

Split view mode improvements 
- Settings window gets correctly reopened when minimized 
- Split view mode is persisted between logins 
- Split view can be enabled and disabled in the Appearance settings 
- Location sharing in Split view mode now works as expected

Also, if you are an Android user and you have problems with notifications for incoming calls and messages, please try to uninstall and reinstall the app. It should help! 

The new features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days so if you don’t see them right away, just check again soon!  

Please let us know what you think about the latest changes, either here in the community or through the Skype app. And you can always go to Skype’s UserVoice to submit and vote for new features and ideas.  

Thank you for all that you do to support Skype!  

The Skype Team  

Thanks for solving one of my aforementioned Skype mysteries. There are still some others though that it would be nice to know about at some point (bug/feature).

  1. Skype's window position isn't remembered on startup (it's centered instead). Not a Skype 7 issue.
  2. "Settings" window doesn't remember its size the next time it's opened after being resized.
  3. No outward notification received upon getting online for a message sent to you when you were offline. You will only know about it if you click into Skype to actively look. Not a Skype 7 issue.
  4. No persistent notification (i.e. taskbar icon changes color) for a new message unless you happen to have the given chat window already open. Not a Skype 7 issue.
  5. URLs are spell-checked when composing a message. Not a Skype 7 issue.
  6. When pasting text into the upper portions of a lengthy message, you'll be scrolled to the bottom of the message, losing your place. Not a Skype 7 issue.
  7. Read receipts do not register if the party receiving the message merely has the Skype chat window open and visible but not clicked on/focused (or if the Skype taskbar icon is not clicked on to bring the window into focus). This leaves the sender unaware of the message's true status.
  8. Skype often adds this demarcation line upon receiving messages: "-----Unread messages-----", and leaves it there until the recipient sends a reply. Even the act of typing a reply and not sending it isn't enough to convince Skype that you've read the message. It's more of an "Unreplied messages" notice than an "Unread" one.
  9. Cloud export is sloppy, littering the output with HTML tags in some places, impeding readability.
  10. Sometimes Skype doesn't start up in a signed-in state upon rebooting the PC. Instead, if left untouched, the Skype tray icon is grayed, and if I hover the mouse cursor over it, it says "Signed out" (I never sign out). To correct the issue for a given boot, I merely have to click on the the Skype tray icon. When I do, it instantly turns green and contacts can see me. Not a Skype 7 issue.

Interesting change in 8.55 relative to 8.54 and earlier versions: 6 processes instead of 4.

More memory used, but I hope you're gaining something from it, like performance.

Teams, another Electron app, is also 6.

Can we bring back adjustable window sizes for face cams on skype? i miss that a lot. when i share the screen with whoever at the time we can't see each other? why can only one person get a full view? i don't want an answer to that i just wanna know if we can both get a full view of each other. you would think that would be important for the inclusion of the experience.
What's next? separate 128 processes with 100500 threads?
How may I turn off this useless Meet Now and New Chat buttons?

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