Skype Insider Preview // Redesigned theme picker & new color gradients //

Available for Store app for Windows 10 PC, iPhone, iPad, Android 6+, and Android Tablets, Desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux Web

In our latest Skype Insider Build, we have redesigned the theme picker and updated our colors! 

We've simplified the theme picker by combining the theme picker and color. Within the Settings menu you'll find the added Appearance drop down to easily manage your experience in Skype. 

Our new color gradients feature higher contrast, improved visibility and now give you the ability to control whether the color accents affect your message bubble or the bubbles of the people you're messaging with. 

Dig into your Settings menu, play around with these options and as always, please send us your feedback!

The Skype Team 

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The overview when setting is better.  But I only use the classic design ;-)
Good post. I appreciate your clarity. And the list of new features to use/test. 

We're glad you like it! Please keep your feedback coming! 

Karah - Skype PM

"use system setting" is also possible in the UWP version under windows 10.

Very good work!


Thank you for your feedback, please keep it coming! 

Karah - Skype PM

Why focusing on colours when more important issues like bloat & sluggish operation are not solved?
I think same way like why focus on this we still need our away status and notifications when contacts come online and much more including making it not sluggish why focusing on stuff that can wait !! 

Polishing it does not change what it is...


This is merely an attempt at making it look like you're doing something, while in fact you are ignoring the many pressing issues.

There are far more important things than how it looks, or how shiny it is.

Make it run smoothly, stop it hogging system resources like they are going out of fashion.

Give us a stable program that behaves and performs as well as Skype 7, and has the same full feature set and options.  

Seconded 100%, this is not even remotely enough to justify a brand new version and even less to justify a new forced upgrade wave.

What the representatives of this forum seem not to realize is that their lack of communication only forces us to go to other sources for our information and communication while they ignore us. I've had several responses to and from the design director Peter Skillman on Twitter and if this dancing around the issue continues, I may start taking down the names of the unhelpful agents involved so I can more directly voice my grievances.

Karah i dont see user color select in the chat and profile, its is removed?

Please add back old colors in new skype

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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