Skype Insider Preview // Personalized Emoticons are here!

Available on all platforms


We're excited to announce personalized emoticons are now available for all Skype Insiders on our latest build! To personalize your everyday expressions you can simply right click (on desktop) or long press (on mobile) to reveal other characters like Cat, Robot, or Monkey - Who do you want to be today?

In addition to the personalized emoticons, you can now personalize how you share your hearts and ribbons to show your support!

Try these out in your next call or chat and send us your feedback! 

Thank you for all that you do to support Skype!

The Skype Team 

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"Who do you want to be today?"

Someone who can use Skype Classic.
and the next useless add in line are the personalized emoticons so i guess u don't want to fix the problems and issues and satisfy your clients and users hmm that's why you earned the title "the rich bunch" ....

"Who do you want to be today?"


A happy Skype user, but I guess that's not on the microdork list of priorities.


Do any of you actually think that all of these useless toys you are adding, in any way make up for the features that are still missing, or the privacy invading way you have decided to treat our contact lists?

You keep publishing useless features, all the while assuring us that you are listening to, and acting on feedback.

Might I ask, what colour is the sky on the planet you folks inhabit?


But I'd rather prefer to get the "lists" feature back which has silently be removed without substitution and without any heads-up by todays forcible update (which I could avoid for a long time knowing what would come). I find it inacceptable to just remove a feature which might have been used by many users to organize their contacts and leave them with a useless alphabetical contact list and without any reasonable facilities to manage a huge amount of contacts.

I Love new Emoticons and Stickers

You are joking!!!!!!!

Is this what you have been doing behind the scenes?  What about all the comments from users on this forum?  What have you done to address THEIR issues.

Enough of this teeny-bopper stuff MS - do something WORTHWHILE! 

There seems to be a bug with the simple heart emoticon - since the last update it’s flickering madly, like a suicidal moth in a lightbulb. It’s rather unpleasant to look at and doesn’t quite catch the mood one wants to have when sending a heart to someone...would it be possible to fix this? Thanks!
I just want the option to disable automatic emoticon conversions of my text so I can have a clean chat without random emojis popping up where I don't want them. =/

"Who do you want to be today?"

NOT supporting this thing you all call Skype!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Why did you remove the contact picture in the chat? The one that used to be next to the contact name in Skype Classic.

Is there any way to get it back?

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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