Skype Insider Preview // Introducing Split View //

We've heard your feedback! Split View mode is now available on our latest Skype for Windows 10 Insider Builds! For more information on how you can join our Insiders Program, click here

Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

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Sorry to be dense, but how does one get into split view?  That build came out Saturday, and I haven't noticed anything different about it, let alone this.

And is this one actual case where UWP is out ahead of S8 (if S8 Insider also has it, I also haven't noticed it)?  As you know, there are several areas where it lags S8, so this would be a major surprise.
Thanks for the quick reply!  We just enabled the setting in the builds so if you didn't see it before, it should show up now.  To enable split view just go to the … in the main view and select "enable split view mode".

OK, I see it there (not sure if I looked there recently) and have enabled it.

You then double-click a contact to get into the conversation, which is one way that it worked in S7. The other way, right-clicking and selecting "Send IM," isn't there, but that's probably fine.

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious - I just downloaded the Insider preview build v8.33.76.40 from, and I'm just not seeing the "Split View" option.

In "Help & Feedback" I can see I'm definitely on "Skype version", in title-bar I can see I'm on "Skype preview" and when I expand either the "..." or any contact's context menu, there is no "Split View" option in either ...

What am I doing wrong?

(Edited: screen-shots didn't go through, so adding description of version and menus)

Note that this only pertains to the UWP version (for now). The "app."  Not the much better-known Skype 8, the one that also runs on Windows versions other than 10.

If you don't also see a v14 there, you're not on UWP.

That would certainly explain it - the same version number "" as in desktop preview threw me off.

Thank you for the quick, if a bit disappointing (for now), response.

Hi, I don't have windows 10 I am a loyal windows 8 user. I'm awaiting the time I can update skype and use split screen view for my windows version.


Is this available to users in Australia?

I cannot see a Skype Apps Preview setting under Help and Feedback in Skype on any of my PC's as such I'm unable to select Join preview.


So, Win10 only for now? Those on Apple MAC? Is this available?

I just installed the latest version tonight and I still am unable to see the split view. Here is what I have on the latest version:

Am I missing something?



* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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