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Good News! We have brought back online notifications! Now, when your contact comes online you will see a notification. You can opt in, or out, of the notification by going to Settings --> Notifications --> Contact comes online notification.

Change your setting and let us know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

The Skype Team 

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Wow, after needlessly removing one of the most vital features to any messenger program, you brought it back a year & a half later. Congratulations on the brilliant strategy, Microsoft. 

Way to go ruining a (over) 15 year legacy! Skype 8 is fundamentally flawed, you have to acknowledge that or skype will continue to suck forever. Go back to skype classic and improve from there. Get rid of the web app **** and fire anyone who thinks it's a good idea.

This **** won't do, it's embarrassing 🤦‍♂️

Hi Karah

I have searched high and low and how to make a change. But I have been getting billed on one of my credit cards. The CC company, AMEX, cant stop a payment. But it appears that I may have inadvertently created an account with another email address as I can not seem to get ti straight from my other emails. Could you check that for me? 


how about fixing the open chat feature in split screen? unable to click to open - keeps trying to remove contact or delete chat history on contacts when you try to open chat - I have over 600 contacts on skype - too busy to use compact view - I run 7 or 8 chats at once while on call - file sharing/sending doesn't work right either - deletes file if tapped wrong instead of offering to save as - skype still crashes BOTH of my older computers even though they had no issue running skype classic - why not give us the original skype as an open source and let us fix the issues since it is evident MS is unable to fix the issues themselves - too greedy is why - I give up on microsoft uselessness - waste of breath and time I have already removed windows on 2 computers - removed skype from 4 computers - only 4 running windows 10 now and only 2 running skype - I'll remove the others as i get time good riddance to microsoft


It's not working on my application.  "Settings --> Notifications --> Contact comes online notification.

" This doesn't show on my notifications setting.  

What should I do?


Can you give some more details on how this feature works when switched on in the settings?

Will my contacts receive such a notification if my status is Away or changes to Active from Recently Active?

TBH, never understood the use of it and never used myself, as my contacts change their statutes from Active to Away or Invisible several times a day, I would get crazy receiving so many notifications of that.

This notification is only shown when a contact's status changes from Offline to Online -Active now. Changing status to Away or Do Not Disturb will not trigger this notification. However, as the Invisible status acts the same as Offline, changing from Invisible to Active will trigger the notification too.

I don't have this option in the settings.

Android Version

Eu já uso a versão do Skype: e o ​​skype para contato comercial não mostra o status ou posso enviar mensagens quando off line
Too little, too late.  Bye bye Skype.

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