Release Notes for Skype 8.64

The latest Skype version 8.64 is out. There are cool new features in this release like an easier way to customize your message reactions. You asked, we delivered!

Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web

Skype for Android, iPhone, and iPad 

  • There's no reaction for what I am feeling: Yes, there is. You can now customize the reaction picker in Skype, so the perfect reaction is always on hand. Learn more about the reaction picker.
  • Share more, faster: With improvements to the Share tray in iOS, it's now easier to share directly to your Skype contacts.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements. We chased out some bugs with a rake, then we cleaned the place up a bit. 

What’s fixed?

  • A long messages were truncated on Android and not everything was displayed.

The new features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days so if you don’t see them right away, just check again soon!

Please let us know what you think about the latest changes, either here in the community or through the Skype app. And you can always go to Skype’s User Voice to submit and vote for new features and ideas.  You might also want to check out the known issues.

Thank you for all that you do to support Skype!

The Skype Team

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Please don't forget about this issue that's been around for multiple months (even present in 8.65 beta):

-Skype tray icon disappears within 24 hours of use (to fix, you have to restart it)

FIXED (at least in 8.65 beta, but I reasonably assume in 8.64, too, especially for the first issue):

-False "Last seen days ago," which means messages not arriving for hours for the person appearing that way.

-Launch Skype in the background -- doesn't

The "Launch Skype in the background" bug is fixed in the version
Skype Insider   the view of people on the video is now 6 people, you instead of the video people give more, less such an update should not be released !!! I know it's a test skype but I have a sadness because I tested it, I saw the limit of people 6 videos fix it!!

I find it hard to use the newer scrollbar in Skype 8.x.  I hate Skype 8.x and try to use it and still hate that scrollbar.  Can we get an option to switch to the classic scrollbar because I having problem with Skype newer scrollbar.  Who though this scrollbar was good.

I switch to the classic version of Skype but you force us off it by disabling it for this garbage.  I want the classic version back!

-Skype tray icon disappears within 24 hours of use (to fix, you have to restart it)

Even more annoying than that one, since it happens repeatedly throughout the day, is this ever-present issue:

Status/presence is slow to update if you're still in a previous chat window.

For example, you're in an active chat but at some point the user leaves. The presence may stay "Active" indefinitely unless you use the back arrow to go to the main Skype window and then re-enter the chat. At that point, presence is updated.

It also happens this way: you have a chat window open from a chat earlier in the day, the user has just come back online, but the presence is still "Last seen hours ago." Once again, if you back out to the contacts page and re-enter the chat, presence will update.

At the moment I cant even get the desktop version to run and as I wont use any browser but firefox and am on win 7 I will soon be dead to the world
Today I was trying to call my family and despite the Android phone being completely in silent mode (all volumes down to vibrate), Skype Android App (v8.61.0.96, Updated Jun/10/2020) started blasting the ringer tone through speaker at nearly max volume. 

There's no way to mute/disable this ringer, and no way to adjust the volume either, and ignores the global silence setting of your phone.

Issue has been brought up since 2017 as far as I could see on Google search, and your feedback page has 198 pages, each page containing at least 20 suggestions from people to add back (apparently it was removed few years ago) the ability to mute/customize the ringer and adjust its volume.

That is 198 x 20 = 3960 suggestions about Ringer muting.

Nearly 4000 people bothered themselves to log in and write an urgent suggestion about the core basic function of Skype.

Literally would take 10 minutes from a programmer to fix this, and add a button.

And exactly what are you guys doing? Really?

Why is this an issue for nearly 4 years? (at least 4 years)
Do you even monitor the feedback page or, is just there for people to vent their anger and you don't give a flying rat about it?

Why not start fixing urgent issue first before you add bunch of other obscure feature that honestly adds very little value to the functionality of the program?

On a side note, you guys (Microsoft) just spent 7.5 billion USD to buy Bethesda Softworks. And you can't afford one programmer to add this small core function? Are you serious? This is a joke, right?

Hi, I am trying to get the newest version of Skype to my android phone from Google play. All there is available is version, not 8.64.... What am I doing wrong? 

The new version exists on other site for a download. 

The Store version still has this strange keyboard input issue. If I type fast enough, some keyboard input is skipped as if my keyboard was broken. However, this issue doesn't occur with the desktop version. Any ideas?
The latest Skype update removed the "choose background option" from my Skype application. I'm using Windows 10.         

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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