Release Notes for Skype 8.63

The latest Skype version 8.63 is out. There were some bug fixes and improvements made for this release. You asked, we delivered! 

Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, iPhone, and iPad 

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements. There's been a few general upgrades and bugs solved to finish our latest update.  

What’s fixed? 

  • Skype for Windows 10 automatically startup only after the first login 
  • Improved startup performance for Skype for Windows 10 
  • Email Notification about calls and chats you missed in the last 72 hours 
  • Improvements in language selection for Translated Conversations
  • Unable to see all the participants video feed in a group video call

The new features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days so if you don’t see them right away, just check again soon! 

Please let us know what you think about the latest changes, either here in the community or through the Skype app. And you can always go to Skype’s User Voice to submit and vote for new features and ideas.  You might also want to check out the known issues

Thank you for all that you do to support Skype! 

The Skype Team 

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"The next couple of days" line only works when the release notes are put out remotely near the release itself.

In this case, they trailed the release by 17 days. "The next couple of days" could see the release of 8.64!

BTW, not fixed (even in 8.64 beta):

1) The horrific "Last seen days ago" issue (which means messages not arriving for hours for the person reading that way). This is despite their saying in the beta that "We've improved message sync when some conversations weren't updating and we are still working on other messaging fixes."

2) Launch Skype in the background (the lowest possible hanging fruit)

3) Skype tray icon disappears after ~24 hours

Waiting on unlocking the framerate on Android. Currently it's stuck at 60 Hz.

At the moment, Teams, Skype Lite, FB Messenger, Telegram and Whatsapp all operate at a full 120 fps on a capable phone. Only regular Skype is still limited to 60 fps for some reason.

I actually believe it's limited to 60 fps on Windows as well, which is just ... uof.

the view of people is still up to 9+ and that's not enough for Android, the update has not been released and three enlarged view of the grid also not as requested.
Microsoft Teams has an increased limit of people in a 3x4 video call on Skype nothing
Skype 64 bit will be finally released because it is only 32 bit :(
I have windows 10 64 bit
That's irrelevant. Skype, like most simple programs, wouldn't gain much by going 64-bit except to consume even more memory. Skype appears to be struggling to even achieve a "maintenance mode" level of development these days, with Teams the heir-apparent, so there's no chance they'll do that.

I hope im in the right place. I just signed up for skype and it says the site is down for maintemance . Its been that way since yesterday afternoon. Can anyone tell me when its supposed to be up again?

Microsoft Teams is being expanded Skype slowly to 10 people in webcams on Skype groups stands still instead of expanding the grid view to 2 x 4 people or higher!!

Hello! Where did that mini quick reply bar go? That's what I want to see on my Skype it was just gone yesterday.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall. I have Windows 10 on my PC and it recently updated. I don't wanna open the Skype app just to reply, I want to reply from that tiny box. Why did you remove it?

Wow, your machine was late to update. That feature went away when the Store version of Skype graduated from its old UWP self to simply being the regular Desktop version distributed via the Store. Most people got it a couple months ago.

This is not correct. The option to reply from the message push notification is still avasilable with Skype for Windows 10 App installed from the Store (Skype version version However, this feature is not available on the Skype for Desktop version (Skype version This is one of the few differences between the Store and the Desktop versions.


Of course, for this feature to be available, the Store App must run in the background when closed, i.e. the option "On close, keep Skype running" must be enabled.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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