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Does anyone know why they don't allow custom voicemail messages any longer?

It seems like a dumb decision to me not to allow people to make their own voicemails and to have one uniform greeting. I talked to Skype support and they said it was a management decision

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Yes, the custom voicemail has been removed already in Skype as Skype no longer supports it. Instead, Skype will then revert back to the default message for your app language.


If in case that there will be future updates or release of new feature and even improve on the existing ones, you can definitely check it using this link: What's new in Skype for Windows 10?


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My vote, for what it's worth, is to bring back custom voicemail messages!

Very bad decision Microsoft eliminating personal voice message. I have been with Skype a long time, and haven't taken the time researching if other VOIP providers are available, but because of Microsoft's decision eliminating voice messagaing, I will begin my researching other possibilities.

I have enjoyed Skype, but personal voice messaging is important for our company.

If anyone has suggestion for other VOIP providers, please respond.

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My hatred for Skype is becoming pathological. I'm switching my outgoing calling to Google Hangouts. It offers personal messages.

Hey Thad-McIlroy,

Thank you, I never thought about revisiting Google Voice/Hangouts. When Google offered Voice, I had jumped and created an Voice account. Back then, when creating a new Voice account, Google allowed a VOIP backup phone number, however Google changed that policy. I would need a non-VOIP phone number. I would need to buy a phone. Google rejects VOIP phone numbers when creating a new account. However, I'm in luck since I still have my Voice account active.

Initially using Google Voice, it was terrible, and weird how Google put everything together when making phone calls. I really didn't find Google Voice useful. Skype before Microsoft was good with a few lumps, and believed it was far better than Google Voice. This was years back.

I was surprised when Microsoft got rid of Personal Messaging. I never received any warning from Microsoft, and it was a Client confused asking is that our message. I was surprised when I became aware, as the client didn't believe he should leave a message before speaking with us.

Your reply had me revisit Google Voice/Hangouts. Interesting how Google has made calling outbound much better. The UI is great. I will play with it more, and, from my initial walk-around, if Google Voice is what I believe it is, I will be flipping over to Google and throwing Skype aside.

I'm a Microsoft developer and utilize most Microsoft products, but I have been finding a limitation creep with Microsoft products. Options that come missing in newer product versions, and I believe Microsoft's Skype voicemail personal messaging is vital.

I  thought I was loosing my mind, when I opened Skype to reset our personal message: Tools > Options >Calls > Forwarding & Voicemail. Where is the record Voicemail message components? I was pretty sure this is where I would set the message.

Thinking a while, many websites are changing their UI's around a lot. One week Google has the ability adding photos through G+, however returning after a week, Google doesn't allow adding photos through G+. You must now add using Google photos.

Anyway, I thought Microsoft had moved voicemail recording to my online account. After searching and thinking where Microsoft would hide such, I finally did a Google search, and with some time, discovered  Microsoft eliminated it. Good job Microsoft!

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I use Skype to call my clients. When they call me and I fail to answer their call it goes to the voicemail. It is an standard voicemail that Skype provides. I used to have a personalized greeting voicemail which I recorded myself. However, for some reason that personalized greeting has been removed and I am not able to make a new one. In my Skype account I have the option call forwarding and voicemail, but no option for recording a new one. Also, in Tools---> Options--->Calls there is no option for changing the voicemail either. How do I solve this?
This is a deal breaker for me and my small business. My Skype number subscription renewed recently but I hope to cancel it. A generic voicemail greeting is an embarrassment. 

Why did you discontinue the option to allow for custom greeting message with skype? Its vital to those of us who use it for work

Are you considering adding it back due to demand?

Is there any option for me to have a custom greeting message?

Thanks, Sam

How do you personalize a Skype voicemail recorded message

I mean a customized voicemail greeting. Its the message the caller hears before leaving a voicemail message. Not everyone is doing text for video. Actually NONE of my clients or friends to it in their business world.

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