Coming Soon: System Tray on Windows 10!

We've heard you loud and clear!  

We're working to bring Skype for Windows 10 to the system tray! While it's not out the door quite yet, you can expect the new system tray icon will:

  1. Be displayed whenever Skype is running
  2. Show sign-in and sign out state
  3. Show a badge for any unread messages
  4. Give the option to go to settings, open the app and sign in quickly from the right click menu.  

Please reply below with any additional requests for the system tray.

We hope you are just as excited about this feature as we are! We will let you know as soon as it's released!

The Skype Team


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Change status, which Skype 8 can (and I'd vote for more than just DND and Invisible, which are all that Skype 8 can do, but that's been made very clear in another thread).

Also, when hovering over Skype 8, the tooltip simply says the name of the program. That's unneeded and unhelpful, so copying that behavior isn't ideal. Skype 7's tooltip shows the status. Though that's not really needed if you implement color changes in the icon. I hate to keep mentioning Skype 7, but its color (and even the design) changes according to status.

So, it's good to see the Win10 app finally start chipping away at what the Skype 8 app can already do. There's a pretty long list to go, however, before they're at parity, and I expect by that time, Skype 8 will have added features to keep its lead. I'm glad you're not blocking the use of Skype 8 on Win10 any longer (it was a half-hearted block, but an annoying one), since many on Win10 are going to use it over the app.

Why not just keep the same Online status options and indications which are used in Skype Classic (V7.41)?

Have you yet included an option to allow ringtones via speakers and chat via headset?  That is absolutely essential for me!

sorry but i'm using the classic version only till the  8 version IS DONE AND MEETS THE NEEDS AND THE STANDARDS of the users and clients like me  first the tray can wait too  there are more important issues to solve...  the tray is not 1 of them 
Ron... I am in complete agreement with you.  Unfortunately, MS is choosing to kill Classic this November, even though the new version is not even close to being up to par.  I really hope they have reconsidered forcing this on us, as this is getting even more stressful with November approaching.  Many of us still depend on (and, need) Classic Skype, for sure!!  

at the time tat i upgradeto windows 10.

I cannot get video contact with mu contact.

what i have to do>

gr Lion

v době, kdy jsem upgradoval okna 10.

Nemohu získat video kontakt s kontaktem.

co mám dělat>

gr Lion

Nové SKYPE má spoustu blbostí, ale uživatelské nastavení jako staré nemá.

Ron ... Jsem s tebou v plné shodě. Bohužel se MS v listopadu rozhodla, že zabije klasiku, i když nová verze není ani tak blízko. Opravdu doufám, že nás znovu přemýšleli, protože nás naléhá na nás, protože s blížící se novembrem stává ještě více stresující. Mnoho z nás stále závisí na (a, třeba) Classic Skype, jistě!  
Souhlasím. Prostě monopol na pravdu. Ztráta svobody. Jen nařizování a přihlašování.

You have to enabled access to your cam and microphone for apps in Windows 10 privacy settings.

Thats awesome to hear something great upcoming with W10 :D

Good luck team.

My Windows Store Skype App was today updated the version. There is now a kind of a system tray icon, but it always says "Not Signed In". No matter if I'm signed in or not to Skype. This doesn't sound right.



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