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Help I am getting this message and then another pop up. I am unable to use the Internet 



Edge’s loop protection isn’t a panacea. It’s only effective against malicious webpages that use alert loops to lock up the Edge browser. Since the dialog loop is created with a script that runs on the webpage itself, the “malware” will be gone as soon as you succeed in closing the malicious page.

Many popups don’t fit this scenario at all, and are actually the handiwork of binary malware that has been installed on the system and thus needs to be removed with specialized malware-removal tools:

In order to distinguish between browser-locking webpages and conventional malware, use the old method for removing a Tech Support Scam page from Edge:

1. First, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager

2. Then select the browser app and click on the End task button.

3. Now, restart Edge indirectly by entering a search topic (like “tesla”) for a Cortana web search.

4. Then right-click on the search-result tab and choose “Close other tabs”.

If Edge will then close and reopen without bringing up the browser-locking scam page, then the issue was probably just with the webpage itself.


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These Tech Support Scam pages lock up your browser with a modal dialog that contains a fake alert and is scripted to reopen every time you try to close it by clicking on the OK button – so the browser controls never get reactivated. This issue is purportedly fixed in the current version of Microsoft Edge:

I’ve posted some real-life screenshots here:

…and a brief overview here:

If you don’t have the current version of Edge, or if the fix doesn’t work, then you'll first need to use Task Manager to force-close the browser. Then restart Edge indirectly by typing a short search topic like "tesla" in the Cortana search box. Then right-click on the tab of the search-result page and select “Close other tabs”.


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