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if i factory reset my laptop will it remove services.exe trojan

scrangywarrior asked on

i have a trojan in services.exe and ran lots of virus software and all of them are asking me to do manual removal. im not very good aat this so have no idea were to start.

i dont have a reboot cd as windows 7 came pre installed, i was wondering if factory resting it would help or if anything else i can do.

need step by step guid as i said not very computer literate



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Hi scrangywarrior,


Given what you've said and done and knowing what’s involved and what most likely lies ahead (and seeing that the initial recommendations are either not working or possibly too advanced - or that you have multiple infections and an analysis is needed to determine the true situation), I suggest you forget trying to do this on your own and get some free expert help. 


There are free reputable malware-removal forums on the internet where people who have spent 9-18 months or more (some many years) becoming certified experts will assist you.  Just go there and follow the instructions for how to submit the initial post (they usually have guidelines of applications to install and run and what to include).  Then when they get to yours (it may take hours or possibly days depending on their backlog), they will walk you through it step-by-step until the problem is resolved.  I am in training myself and not allowed to provide that degree of assistance (for good reason) and even if someone certified were available here, we don't go into analysis and removal that deeply in Answers forums.  Here are some good options: (this would be my first choice)


Good luck!



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