Q: A JAVA exploit trojan / virus nuked my "security service" and BITS services, killing Windows update - how to recover them?

I got infected by a JAVA exploit trojan / virus, and it nuked my "security service" and BITS service, and a couple of others, so now "windows update" and Ms Home Security Essentials can't run. I am fairly sure I've cleaned the malware off, but how to I get those services back? I've tried a system restore, but none of the restore points work. Using a recovery CD for my WHS doesn't find my server (that's a separate issue), and at the time I can't find my Win 7 disks. I'm on a "home-brew" machine, so there is no manufacturer to call unless I'm talking to myself. Win7 64-bit.



If you're willing to use the WHS recovery disc to restore from your Home Server, your issue is that you are using Windows 7 x64 and the WHS recovery disc is trying to use the wrong network driver -- it needs the x86 driver for your network card.
Download the driver for your NIC from the manufacturer and put it on a USB flash drive.

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