Windows Defender - Real Time Protection Won't Turn On

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Hi all,

I've read many posts on this site already regarding Windows Defender - regrettably, here's another.  Here is my situation: I have a laptop that originally had XP.  I upgraded to the free Windows 10 version.  I did have an anti virus installed.  At one stage, I think I had some Trend version.  I have completely uninstalled all AV versions that I'm aware of.  I've even used the ESET AV Remover Tool - it returned zero results.  I see nothing obvious in the "Apps & features" list.  I've updated my registry to turn Windows Defender on (link), but to no avail.  I have uninstalled Windows Security Essentials as per this link.  For the first time, that turned on "Virus and spyware definitions", so I had a feeling that I was finally getting somewhere; however, WD continues to suggest that it's "handled by another AV program."

Where to from here please?



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Do you have MalwareBytes Premium installed? 
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