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Windows Defender Snoozing in Windows 10

Carnegiepa asked on
Since I installed Windows 10, Windows Defender status shows as "Snoozed." When I click on it, it tells me that since I have another app installed to check for malicious or unwanted software and to use Security & Maintenance to check that app's status.  I have Super Anti Spyware Free Edition installed.  When I had Windows 8, I had no problem running Windows Defender as well as Super Anti Spyware Free Edition. Now it seems Windows 10 won't allow me to use both.  Any suggestions?
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The answered status icon Answer

The only other anti virus/anti malware program I have is McAfee.  But, when I was using Windows 8, Windows Defender worked fine with the McAfee program.  I'm stumped.

You absolutely cannot have McAfee and Defender together. It is one or the other.

Remove McAfee with their removal tool.

See this Wiki article: List of anti-malware product removal tools


After it has been removed, Defender should be running. If not, see:

Problems starting Windows Defender in Windows 8/8.1


Windows Insider MVP (Security), Moderator Microsoft Community
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I presume you mean Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro.

We don't recommend running that alongside Defender as it can conflict, despite the fact that many users indicate that they have no problems running both.

We do recommend the free version to use on demand as it has no real time protection.


Windows Insider MVP (Security), Moderator Microsoft Community
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LelandEdmondson replied on
Malware and Defender, with Win10, appear to not like one another. Do I need Malware with the powerful features of the updated Defender?
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