My computer has been blocked

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My computer has been blocked and its being pirated I don't know
It said that I should call a number they gave me, in order to unblock it
I called and a woman answered me, the problem is that I struggle to understand whatever she's saying, because I don't really know much about technology 

What should I do to repair my computer, please?

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Do not call them. It's a common scam. Click the OK button at the bottom of the popup. You should then see a box Do not allow this site to create new messages. Check it and then close the window.

If that doesn't work, for Edge, follow the instructions by Scott_Ki here:

For all other browsers:

Use the Task Manager to exit the browser. Reboot and see if the pop-up goes away.

How to Use the New Task Manager.

If the problem persists, for any browser:

Remove Tech Support Scam pop-up (Call For Support Scam)

Please read:

PSA: Tech Support Scams Pop-Ups on the Rise

Breaking down a notably sophisticated tech support scam M.O.

For more information, see this post by GreginMich  

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