How to exclude a file/folder from Windows Defender malware scan in Windows 8/8.1?

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Applies to: Windows 8/8.1
This Wiki Article is intended to guide you "How to exclude a file/folder from Defender malware scan in Windows 8/8.1". Under certain conditions, you may in need of excluding files/folders from scanning. (Generally, it is not recommended to exclude any file/folder, unless you are having an issue related to that particular file/folder.)

First you need to open Windows Defender. 

(1) Press Windows key in the keyboard  and open Windows Defender from start . 

(2) Go to the "Settings" tab and Click "Exclude files and locations". Then, click "Browse".

(3) Here, at this step, you can use either a file or a folder. Select a file or a folder and click OK.

(4) If you need, you can add multiple files and/or folders using a semicolon at the end. After selecting a file/folder, click "Add" .

(5) Finally, you need to save the changes.


Later, once again, if you feel you need to include that file/folder into the Windows Defender scanning process, what you need to do is to remove it, just as in the  illustration, presented below. 


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