I got a call from a guy with a really heavy Indian accent claiming to be working with Microsoft.
He told me that my computer had multiple problems.
He then told me to hit the Window icon on my keyboard and R (Which is to activate Run)
After that, he told me to type in "" and hit enter.
Right when he said that, I got suspicious.
I checked their website and it seemed legit.
I decided to google "AMMYY" and I saw "AMMYY scam"
I checked lots of posts having the EXACT same thing
-Indian guy
-Computer problems
-Work for microsoft.

I hanged up and shut down my computer just in case. (I"m paranoid)

I turned back my computer on and the guy called me again.
He asked me why did I hanged up and I told him it was an accident.
He asked if I downloaded AMMYY yet.
I told him this "I ain't getting my computer hacked today, buddy." and hanged up again.
I ran a full computer scan with Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security.
(Which I trust since it went with my computer)

So my question.

Who are these guys?
How many people work with them?
Why aren't they sued yet?
Is my computer safe?

Thank you



You're fine. They cold called you and have no access to your PC since you didn't install anything or allow them to connect to your PC.


Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently - Microsoft does not make unsolicited

phone calls to help you fix your computer


Hoaxes and Scams


Microsoft Consumer Support Center


Microsoft Support


Microsoft - Contact Support

Windows Insider MVP (Security), Moderator Microsoft Community

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These fake tech support scams can now be reported to Microsoft, via the following link:

Report a Technical Support Scam

"This information will assist Microsoft and law enforcement stop these scams and bring the perpetrators to justice."

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