Q: I've windows essential and is showing me my pc status is protected BUT the windows security icon keeps indicating that my anti virus protection is turned off. How do I resolve this?

I have windows essential as my antivirus program.  It works well and currently shows

my pc status is protected.  However, the past few days the Windows Security icon

is lit red and when I click on it I get the screen that shows me my anti virus is not

turned on and my computer is at risk because it is not protected.  I have just run

the free MS virus scanner but have not detected any virus.


Any suggestions??



We've seen a number of reports here of this behavior following the recent upgrade of MSE.
I suspect that there are multiple causes.
Some have reported that uninstalling and reinstalling MSE resolves it.
Others have said that forcing an update or running a scan with MSE each time it happens solves it after a few days.
Others have reported that turning real time protection of and back on has resolved it.
And still others indicate nothing fixes it.
The problem can also be due to a broken WMI repository (see below) and perhaps a resource issue -- that is, the PC is low on memory or running slowly due to many programs and processes starting with Windows causing MSE and the Alert Center to not communicate in a timely manner after which it gives up (either reporting status to WMI, or WMI querying the MSE status). Try a clean boot or disabling excess startup programs to see if that's your case. 

Here are procedures to correct the WMI repository that causes the Windows Security Center to report that no antivirus, antispyware, or firewall is active, yet MSE is actively protecting your PC and in green status.


When running this in Vista7, you must run the procedures as an administrator, elevated.

Method A

Start>Run>services.msc [enter]

Scroll down to Windows Management Instrumentation and double-click it.
Now click on the "Pause" button. Leave that window open and double-click
My Computer. Navigate to %systemroot%\Windows\System32\wbem (where
%systemroot% is the drive where XP is installed). Delete the Repository
folder and *only* the Repository folder. Now go back to the WMI service
window you left open and restart the service.

This will rebuild the Repository and hopefully straighten out the
incorrect entries for all your duplicates.

In order to see the Windows files, you may need to unhide them:

Make sure you are able to see all hidden files and extensions (View tab
in Folder Options).

Check "Display the contents of system folders".

Check "Show hidden files and folders".

Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and click "OK" to the
dialog box.


Method B from MVP Torgeir Bakken (more elegant)
Open a command window (Start/Run --> cmd.exe) and run the following commands:

net stop winmgmt
cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem
ren repository repository.old
(or delete it using the command "rd /s repository" instead of the ren command)
net start winmgmt
It may take a minute or so to complete while WMI rebuilds the database.


Alternatively, see this blog post:

Windows Insider MVP (Security), Moderator Microsoft Community

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