How to do a complete shut down of Microsft Essential Virus Protection software. Where is the shut down links, buttons, or menu tab and step to follow to get it to shut down? Thanks

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 There is no shut down button that I could find on the list of functions on MSE to do a complete shut down. There are times when installing software yu are told to shut down all virus programs, pop blockers, spam filters, etc...    Where is the TAB and Steps to shut down MSE on the beta software I recieved? Please advise. thanks you Goodfashions
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Dr. Strangelove replied on
As I understand it, you should not have to shutdown real-time protection.

However, if you really want to, just go to the Settings tab, select Real-time protection, and then uncheck "Turn on Real-Time Protection".

Just do not forget to turn it back on.

Now, if you want to completely shut it down, go to the Services console, and turn off the Microsoft Antimalware service.

I do not recommend that you disable real-time protection, nor do I recommend that you turn off the Antimalware service.

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