Error message: 0x800c0006 (microsft itself cannot install microsoft choice guard..)?

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I have recently installed windows live essentials due to my windows liveone care is expired. After I installed live essentials, I cannot use WLM at all. I tried to install and uninstall a several times, an error msg 0x800c0006 appears and it says that they have troble installing the microsoft choice guard. Is there any ways that I can have it installed so that I can use msn messenger?

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First, you mean you installed Microsoft Security Essentials, correct?  Windows Live Essentials is a suite of different products (mail, photo gallery, messenger, movie maker).  Security Essentials is to be downloaded .

If so, you must remove OneCare.  Then, you must use the OneCare cleanup tool in this thread:List of anti-malware program cleanup/uninstall tools

Then, you may have to reinstall Security Essentials.

Regarding Choice Guard, review this thread:

And, if you have any other problems, you should probably open a support case with Microsoft:



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