Vista Anti-Virus 2011 Alert malware attack

I use Microsoft Security Essentials

Just caught "Vista Anti-Virus 2011 Alert".  Nasty bug ~ even pops up in Safe Mode.   I am using another pc to write this question:  Why didn't my Microsoft Security Essentials catch this before it corrupted my pc?  Why isn't there a list of Malware threats with a removal fix on this website so that I could easily remove the virus without the hassle of trying to find the fix on the web?  My pc scan using the free Microsoft scan is 3/4 of the way done and it shows no files infected as yet.  I am getting worried that Microsoft will not find the infection.  However - this threat is well known and there are other sites that offer to fix the problem.  If it doesn't find anything, should I use System Restore?  Also - this malware "took-out" my Microsoft Security Essentials icon in the system tray and inserted the fake Windows Security icon.  I cannot open M.S. Essentials.

Update - the free Microsoft Security Scan did not detect this threat - now what?  It is there and Microsoft doesn't know about it, I guess.

I did a system restore and it seems to have fixed the problem.  Thank you system restore.  And ~ M.S. Essentials failed me.

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Hi intercept,


There's no guarantee that MSE or any one program will detect and remove all malware infections. The fact that there are specific removal instructions out there suggests that some or many of the real-time proction programs seem to miss this one (until that's resolved). Remember, every day many thousands of new malware and new malware strains are released into the environment, so for malware protection software companies, it's always a game of catch-up.  We couldn't possibly maintain a listing of all threats and removal procedures in this forum - it's impossible (and keep in mind we are supported by Microsoft but aren't really Microsoft and the vast majority of people here are volunteers helping others for free and nobody will want to do that even if it was possible to do so and keep it current and updated).  Using Bing or Google is primarily what we do ourselves when looking for information or removal procedures for infections.  I'm sorry MSE failed you here, but it will happen again (and no other program you get will do better or be guaranteed to catch everything - we all just hope they catch most of it and use other programs like those listed below and the Microsoft security scan to supplement it on a weekly or so basis to try to catch as much as possible - even if in those cases it is mostly after the fact.


You can try to check for malware that Microsoft products detect (a search brings up too many entries so I browse instead). The fact that MSE was installed when you were infected suggests that it isn't well covered even if it is on the list (but doesn't mean it for certain - I always try some of the other options listed below to double-check MSE on a weekly or so basis or more if I have reason to suspect an infection). You can use to assist Microsoft by submitting suspected malware files to them so they can update their software and better protect you and everyone else - but that's certainly up to you if you have the time and want to bother.


The massive listing in the above link should give you comfort that you are protected against many, many forms of malware - but obviously still not everything (NO program does that or it would have 100% market share within a week). I still think it's the best choice for your first line of defense out there even though it is free (and to be honest, while I can name some other free options that I could recommend as alternatives but none any better, I can't think of a better product that costs money that I think is as good as those free options - and some that are much worse).


There's no guarantee that System Restore actually fully and completely removed the infection (or possibly others since people with one infection often have more than one) or repaired all the damage or changes it or they made.  You should follow these following instructions to be certain you are clean and safe.


Here are removal instructions for Vista Anti-virus 2011: but use Malwarebytes instead of the automated removal program (along with the manual process).


Try the following programs if you haven't as they may help. I recommend you download, install, update, and run full scans with Malwarebytes: and SuperAntiSpyware:  These may or may not remove the infections, but will probably not repair any damage caused by them. Even if they or your current AV software seem to work or indicate you aren't infected, you shouldn't completely trust them (since you were infected and some are not detecting this threat let alone what else may exist) and need to continue with the recommendations that follow (so it's up to you if you want to try them first or just skip over all of this and get the expert help you really need as described below).


Properly and completely removing such infections, especially this one, can be complex and often require manual removal procedures (which may or may not be entirely effective either). Even if they work, I'd suggest the following anyway, so we may as well start there (you can ignore the above removal methods if you want as this is really the way to go, but it won't hurt to try them).


Please follow these recommendations compliments of JimR1 - MVP:


Start here - and select the link that says - I think my computer is infected - and then select the support option for phone, chat or email (options will vary by Region)


If you are in North America, you can call 866-727-2338 for free help from Microsoft for virus and spyware infections.


If that doesn't work or they can't help, try one of the following malware-removal forums compliments of PA Bear - MVP:


I can recommend the expert assistance offered in these forums:,,,, and


I hope this helps.


Good luck!

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