Strange behaviour in Microsoft Security Essentials

I was browsing today and MSE popped up its "Items detected on your PC require further analysis" window. Oddly however this window displayed the filepath of the file in question as a URL: The full url it flagged was: I am not aware of MSE actually scanning url's so I'm surprised this popped up, having done the digging, the alert does originate from the MSE process and the usual folders are populated: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\LocalCopy - It doesn't actually contain any useful information about what the file type was or anything at all really. The identification file showed this: c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\LocalCopy\{C46E396B-CDD8-A3EF-B2E7-001941871DAA} If anyone can shed any light as to what an earth is going on it'd be much appreciated.           

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When MSE real time protection is on, it will detect malwares regarding to their locations. Sometimes, it could be in websites, check History of MSE and see if there is anything there. MSE comes with behavioral monitoring system, so if it detects something suspicious, it will ask user to report it.

Thanks. Have checked all the logs and every radio option in the History tab in Empty with basically no trace of the popup or the submission ever logged. Have checked the settings and it is set to show all history items. It is odd, it is not logged as either an 'Alert' and also the submission is never logged. Community Membership is set to 'Basic'

Weird. :(

When your Membership for MAPS is basic, it will ask for permission to send sample, in addition, you could check event viewer of Windows for the date and time that submission occurred and there could be a log there.

Is Java Version 7 Update 45 (or higher) installed? TEST HERE USING INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY! =>


Is Java 7 Update 45 the only version installed?


When did you last delete your Java cache?

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