Microsoft Security Essential wont let my dowload

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Okay so I'm a really big sim fan and I go to their website to dowload sims its called and I have always been able to dowload from there but my computer for some reason got in a jam so then we took it to the computer shop and then they dowloaded microsft security essentials and now it wont let me download from that site it says "the specific path does not exist check the path then try again." Please help me.
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This problem is not related to Microsoft Security Essentials , it is browser problem or there is problem with Windows. I suggest that you update Windows and also install service pack(if any).

This message is also indicate that you might infected with a virus call : SirCam virus.

More detail please visit :

To troubleshoot, if it is Virus then you should update Microsoft Security Essentials and also go to help and check for upgrade ,then run full system scan and it should be detect and if that is the case remove it.


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