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Microsoft called, eventvwr scam?

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Today "Microsoft" called me multiple times. They asked me to enter "eventvwr" into my Run bar. He said I was running XP, I lied and said I was running Vista. Despite this, he didn't question it further, he simply asked me to continue. Now I'm not sure if Vista has a different "Run" option, but it didn't make a difference, as he continued. He has called me multiple times, and he will probably call again. I was wondering what I should say/do to stop him calling me.
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Microsoft Will not contact you if you did not share you don't ask them to contact you. Microsoft will never try to get information from user to contact them without get permission from them. If they called you again ask them to stop, if they are from Microsoft and accidently contact you or someone might contact them and give your number , they will not contact you. But after you do this and they continue to bother you then contact your phone supplier (mobile or landline) the people who get phone number from them and tell them someone is bothering you and they will know what they do .
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